Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes

As a college woman, you wanna look cute for Halloweekend (obviously) but you also need to save money (obviously). Here are some of the best budget friendly Halloween costumes all from online stores! Happy shopping!

  1. First up is a simple, super casual costume if you’re not all that into dressing up.  It’s super cute and although basic, (get it?) it’s perfect to spice up your class outfits this month.  I kind of want to add it to my cart right now.  

  2. This is such a cute costume idea and I honestly might steal it for this year! It’s like twenty dollars for a shirt, pants, and antenas (is that what they’re called? I’m not a bio major…). It doesn’t include the wig, sadly.  

  3. 3. Flapper

    If you’re looking for a more ~ roaring ~ look, this is so cute.  I actually just remembered I have a flapper costume from a middle school themed party that I might wear for this Halloween.  Super cute, super easy, super hot! 

  4. 4. Harry Potter Robes

    Okay, so this outfit only includes the robe inspired by Harry Potter, not a full costume.  But, who cares? You’re literally going to look like a wizard for the night and then you can have a nice robe to play wizard in whenever you want.  Win, win.  

  5. 5. Tiger

    I obviously had to include this because, you know… DePauw Tigers.  Something tells me it would be a little hot to wear this out on Halloweekend, but I feel like it would also make a cute Monon outfit? Or just some nice Winter pajamas? I don’t know, but I wanted to include it! 

  6. And finally, something for our gal that likes to make things a little spooky.  I’m not exactly sure what character this is, but it’s giving me Wednesday Addams vibes? Either way, super cute and super spooky! Perfect for spooky season.