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(Alert: This article contains spoilers from The Bachelor Season 23, Episode 6)

Are you still with me, guys?? This episode started off in the middle of the cocktail party. Remember last week they hit us with that “To Be Continued…” with Oneyaka and Nicole going at it and Colton nearly having a breakdown. Well, our mans Colton puts up with NOTHING. He sent Chris Harrison in to tell the women the rose ceremony was happening right there and then. And he sent Onyeka and Nicole home…

The week started off with a group date fight club?! Yes, they actually fought each other. And Tayshia hit Demi in the head, so that’s fun. Colton called it off early, lol.

At the group date cocktail party, Demi pulled Colton aside and asked if her would call her mom with her. This would be the first time Demi spoke to her mom since she was released from prison. It was a pretty nice moment for the two, and Colton told Demi’s mom what an awesome daughter she has! Sydney was v upset she didn’t get a one on one and told Colton that she didn’t think she could get ~there~ with him. She said that “he has some good women here and some not-so-good women here” and then DIPPED. Colton was a little shook up about this, but I agree that she wasn’t the one. Sydney decided to go home.

Hannah G. got the first one-on-one date of the week. She and Colton did a nice spa day in Vietnam. One in which they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. When the two were wrapped up in bamboo, Colton commented that Hannah looked like a sushi roll. Then he told the camera that he would “EAT THAT SUSHI ROLL.” SCREAM!!!!

At dinner, Hannah and Colton connected over the fact that both their parents are divorced and they often pushed these feelings away. These two def have a connection!!! I think Hannah will be around for quite a bit. Hannah got a rose.

And Kirpa finally got a one on one! Literally, she has been sliding by with zero screen-time and still managing to be well-liked. Seems to be nothing really bad nor really good about her and Colton’s relationship. At dinner that night, Kirpa shared she had been engaged in the past but is ready to do it again!! Okaaay. The whole date was eh…like I said, nothing bad, nothing great. Still, Kirpa got a rose.

After Colton got back from his date with Kirpa, Demi was on a mission. She got dressed, did her hair, and moseyed her way over to Colton’s house. She LITERALLY said, “He may lose his virginity tonight.” EXCUSE ME??? Anyway, they sat down and Demi started pouring out her feelings to Colton; she told him she was falling in love! While it is obvious that Colton and Demi have a connection, Colton admitted that he couldn’t see their relationship getting to where it needs to be. He sent Demi home. (RIP to my top 4 predictions.) Demi said something similar to Sydney—that there are women who are ready for marriage and that are here for him and women that aren’t. Dun dun dun…

At the rose ceremony, Colton pulled that “no cocktail party, I know what I want” stunt. And he ended up sending Katie home. As he walked Katie out to the limo, she said something similar to both Sydney AND Demi: “Some people are good for you and some aren’t.” And MAN, Colton takes this to heart. He’s like, “I thought Sydney was talking about Demi and idk who Demi was talking about and now WHO TF is Katie talking about?” He heads back to the women and is like, “whaaaaaat is up guys…who’s not telling the truth?” Tayshia steps in and says to the camera, “Colton wants the tea to be spilled, and I gotta spill the tea.” OH MY GOD. You’re kidding??? This is too good. (Side note, they’re talking about Hannah B., right?) Also, Tayshia made a side comment to Kirpa and said, “Watch it be me and you at the end of this.” WHAT? Sorry sis, based on my bracket (yes, the one that is already messed up), you guys aren’t gonna be at the end of this. Yikes. Maybe I’m wrong, but also why did we say that in front of everyone else? I just…okay. Let the tea be SPILLED.

Hoping next week is when Colton finally jumps that fence. Stay tuned, folks!

Women that went home: Onyeka, Nicole, Sydney, Demi, Katie

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