Best Places to Shop for Graduation Dresses

All of my senior group chats have been blowing up with talk about where everyone is shopping for graduation dresses. Lots of people have been looking for good deals on white dresses, while other people are going for something bold. I have spent my fair share of time on plenty of different sites and want to give you a review of the best places to shop for your grad dresses, the make the process as easy as possible.

  1. Princess Polly is a no-brainer option. They have a large variety, of styles so no matter what your vibe is you can probably find something. Start by going to the section called "Graduation Dresses" and then once you sift through those check out their other collections.  Most of the dresses aren't too expensive and would be a good investment so you can for sure wear these again. Here is my favorite!

  2. UO is obviously going to be a little bit pricer but their stuff is so cute. I feel like I had to dig a little harder to find dresses that were graduation-appropriate but the ones that I did find were adorable. If you go to DePauw and want to have a little pop of yellow under your black robe then this seersucke mini dress is perfect. 

  3. 3. Hello Molly $$$

    I haven't personally purchased anything from this site but my friends really like it. Their site is a little bit hard to look through because I don't think their sections are organized that well. But if you have the time to scroll then you will for sure find some really cute dresses. This funky little number caught my eye, and while it's not my style I think it would be super great for someone else who wanted to stand out! 

  4. 4. ASOS $

    This is where I found my dress! ASOS has super great deals, and I ended up only paying $20 for mine. I recommend searching under the summer dress category to start off with. Almost immediately I spotted this really cute white dress and this really cute yellow dress

  5. 5. Lulus $$$

    I feel like Lulus is the place to go when you need a dress for any occasion. They make it really easy to shop by having categories for the occasion and also for specific styles. If you are one of the girls who are dead set on getting a white dress, Lulus has a whole section called "Little White Dress." If you are looking for some different colors, this floral dress comes in three different colors. 

  6. 6. Free People $$$$

    This is the most expensive site on the list, but don't let that scare you. There are some super cute dresses on this site, even in the sale category. Also, if you find something you like then you can always check Poshmark or Depot so you can get it at a discounted price. I don't think they have a super great selection of dresses right now but keep checking back in to find great stuff.

Hope this helps you find the dress that is going to make your graduation day perfect!