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            Okay, let’s talk about the most important news of 2019. Ariana Grande. Yes, the pop star herself has broken the charts and honestly has become my new idol (don’t worry Demi, you still hold a special place in my heart <3). Her songs not only make me feel like a bad b****, but also touch every single one of my emotions about this life. She understands us and has proven to us that she too is only human. Let’s talk about her latest successes.

1.     Released two albums in one year

Ariana already stole our attention with her Sweetener album by making women feel strong and vocal with "God is a woman," "No Tears Left to Cry," and "breathin." THEN she went EVEN FURTHER and released another album called Thank U, Next where us gals started to believe we don't need no man and 2019 is all about ME! God bless this gem. 

2.     Won Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys

Although Ari was not at the Grammys this year, she still showed her gratefulness and appreciation via social media. She never stops showing her love for her friends. She also gave us pics of her Grammys gown, which was absolutely STUNNING to say the least!

3.     Won International Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards

The Grammys was not Ari’s only success, as she also won the award for International Female Solo Artist at the BRIT awards. I mean, duhhh! She is fabulous; come on, she knew "Thank U, Next" was going to be a smash before even releasing it! We all need that kind of confidence.

4.     Bumped herself off Number 1 with another single

First she killed it with her single "Thank U, Next," and then held onto our attention with "7 Rings" and BUMPS HERSELF OFF NUMBER 1! If that ain’t bada**, I don't know what is!

5.     Has the top three songs on the Top 100

Okay, so she bumps herself off Number 1 and then HOLDS ALL TOP THREE SONGS ON THE CHARTS! Apparently we all need to take the heartbreak and hate in our lives and put it towards something better to improve ourselves.

I can tell you that I am definitely more grateful for all the ladies in my life and more focused on my personal journey. I hope y’all wanna do the same. 

Freshman at Depauw University.
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