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Smart, involved, and all about service work, this campus cutie is a nice guy still on the market!

Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Major: Biology
Year: Sophomore
Greek Affiliation:
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Civic Fellows Community Service Group, IFC Representative, CSA
Relationship status:
What would your dream girl be like?
Cute, Tall-ish, Down to earth, Focused, Sporty, Honest, Genuine
What are some major turnoffs in a girl?
A girl that is fake
If you were to plan a date in Greencastle, what would you do?
I would take her to Almost Home (or place of her choosing) for dinner, then go home, make homemade popcorn, watch a movie.
Best moment at DePauw?
Being elected Treasurer of Sigma Chi
Most embarrassing moment at DePauw?
Being seen by Public Safety while doing a Boulder run
What are you most looking forward to this year?
Getting closer to my Fraternity brothers (awww, bro-mance!)
Any hidden talents?
Well, I was the top tennis player at my high school and… I can sing.
Favorite music to listen to?
A little bit of everything.

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