Amazon Fashion: Prime Pieces

You really can get anything from Amazon. Check out the best Amazon finds! 

  1. 1. White Shoes

    White shoes are arguably the number one statement piece that everyone needs in their closet. What better way to make a statement piece more unique than by adding stars? And to make them even better, they’re platforms! Us short girls will appreciate this a little extra. But, WAIT. I haven’t even said the best part yet… they’re only $17.95. Link Here!

  2. 2. Little Black Dress

    A cute little black dress? Only $20.99. Say no more. It also has ruffles, polka dots and a tie waist. Wear it to class, wear it to formal, wear it on a date, I don’t care– just wear it! It will flatter any body type, runs true to size and also comes in a few different colors. I hope to see everyone walking around campus in this soon.

  3. 3. Scrunchies

    I’ll be honest, I don’t get the scrunchie phase we’re in right now, but I’m not going to hate on it. Personally, I wear them more on my wrist then in my hair. It definitely seems like I could never have enough though. Well, after ordering this– I have plenty. Forty to be exact and only $9.99 for all of them. Seriously, get on this trend. Link here!

  4. 4. Pink Tote

    Sometimes a backpack is just too much, it’s bulky, it’s heavy, and if When I'm headed to one class, why drag the whole backpack along? That is why a simple tote bag is essential. I can usually fit a couple notebooks and a textbook, pens, highlighters and my headphones– it’s perfect, stylish, and comes in 44 different colors. Yes, 44. AND only $14.29 – so forget about that Louis Vuitton right now. Link here! 

  5. 5. Brown Belt

    Gucci gotta go too, nobody has time nor money for that. Everyone needs a belt in their closet. It comes in many different colors – but I do recommend the brown one because it’s a timeless piece. And its only $14.99. Seriously if you buy one thing from this article, this is the one. Link here! 

  6. 6. Tank Top

    It’s September now and I thought it would be a little chillier, but no were still dealing with 90 degree weather. Therefore, you definitely need another tank top in your life. The ties on this make it unique, yet the rouche detailing makes it super comfy for class or to dress up. You need it, girl. And finally, what you have been waiting for, the price. Only $12.99! Link here!