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9 Buzzfeed Quizzes to Quiz Your Parents On

As the semester winds down to a close, we start looking forward to the days and nights we will spend in our homes with our loving, attentive parents. Something I’ve always loved doing is asking my parents the questions on Buzzfeed quizzes. The results never cease to be anything less than hilarious. It’s a fun change of pace and a great way to learn more about the two you’ve known the longest! Here are nine of my favorites! Have fun and enjoy!

9. Which Superhero Are You?

Captain America or Superman?

8. Which Cereal Are You?

Fruit Loops or Cheerios? That quiz got deep.

7. Which “Full House” Character Are You?

The milkman, the paperboy…

6. Which U.S. President are you?

Because politics.

5. What Kind of Cookie are You?

Is delicious a category?

4. What Grade Are You Getting in Life?

You finally get to ask your parents how their GPA is doing!

3. What Disney Princess Are You?

So, what Disney Princess is your dad?

2. Which “Friends” Character Are You?

Need I say more? Answer: No.

1. Which Hybrid Harry Potter House Do You Belong in?

Because what better way to explain our obsession with the Wizarding World of HP to the ‘rents?
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