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It is the time in the semester when classes get harder, days feel longer, and everything starts to feel like it is crumbling. We don’t have to let this stress take over us and prevent us from being our best selves and getting our stuff done. I have found 6 ways that have helped me boost my motivation and keep me on the right track.

Take breaks

I have found that working intently for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break is what helps me keep myself in the zone. Taking too long of breaks is going to prevent you from focusing back in on your work, while no breaks is going to wind you down and exhaust you. There is a perfect sweet spot of break time for everyone.

Put your phone away

Do not use your phone during your break. Get up and stretch/go for a short walk, or work on the crochet project you keep promising yourself you’re going to get to eventually. When I’m studying with my friends, during our 5 minute breaks we will have “goof off time”. This is where we laugh, make jokes, or do something active together. When I am actually studying, I put my phone on do not disturb and throw it as far away from me as I can.

Focus on one task at a time

Don’t overcrowd your brain. I know its easy to want to switch around assignments when one starts to be too much, but I have found that (at least for me) that makes it harder to stay focused. Especially if you are like me and heavily procrastinate, you might struggle with getting back into an assignment if you move away from it. It can also be harder to get it finished on time, and that late assignment anxiety is not fun.

Eat fulfilling meals

Sometimes, during long study sessions, we rely on snacks and energy drinks to get us through. Honestly, if you want a good energy boost, you have to eat some good foods. Carbs, proteins, and vegetables! A fulfilling meal is going to provide you with all of the necessities to keep you functioning at your best.

Don’t exhaust yourself

All nighters do more harm than good. You may feel like you need to stay up and study, but that is going to make it harder to function the next day. Don’t push yourself when you get tired. I like to designate a cut off time, unless its a day where I feel really energetic and motivated. After 6pm on most days, I do not do any work. If you don’t prioritize time for yourself, you’re going to be exhausted all of the time which creates a negative cycle.

Discover your study style

For example, if I teach the content I’m learning to my friends or if I record myself lecturing on my notes then the content is going to stick in my brain better. I also like to do school work with other people because viewing people working hard helps me mimic that behavior and I also work hard. Some people need music to study and to be alone, and others need to watch a tv show. Try out different study styles if what you’re currently doing isn’t working for you. Once you find that, it becomes so much easier to get into the groove of studying.

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