6 Ways to Show Some Love to Your Stressed BFFs in College

In college, life can go from 0 to 100 very quickly with exams, papers, obligations to clubs and so on. However, as collegiate women, we can do our best to support and recognize the hard work we are doing everyday to better our futures. 

Leaving a little Post-It note with a sweet message can be unexpected but really uplifting on a gloomy day. 

Simply asking someone how they are and really listening to their thoughts and concerns can let someone know how much you appreciate them.

Offering to do someone's laundry. You could do the whole thing or just offer to fold it for them. I know when I get really busy there's little to no time for anything other than homework, but fresh clothes will always make you feel better. So offer to help someone out with this time-expensive task so it's one less thing for them to worry about. 

Get a study room at the library and invite the girls! Helping your friends crack down and get some work done in a quiet, distraction-free environment will help them tackle their overwhelming workload. 

Take a friend on a study break and grab a coffee! Often in busy times students forget to properly nourish themselves, which is a huge mistake. The brain needs fuel to keep going, so pick up your girlfriends and take a study break! Get coffee, a muffin, a sandwich, whatever! Then get back to grinding. 

Encourage them to sleep. Making sure they have a nice clean room and cozy bed to come home to can mean so much to a walking zombie just trying to get through the week. Sleep is vital to rebooting the body and regaining strength to tackle the next days' challenges!