6 Things to Pack for Your Spring Break Trip

1) Your favorite sunscreen/tanning oil


Everyone knows the number one rule to spending a day on the beach is to protect your skin–while still achieving a great tan. One of our all time favorite sunscreens for an hour or two in the sun is Banana Boat’s Protective Dry Oil Continuous Spray.

2) Floppy Hat

Because you secretly (or not so secretly) love this look and would never pass up on an opportunity to flaunt it. Not only is this super-duper cute, it's also extremely functional for keeping you cool in those intense Spring Break rays. You can pick this cutie up at Nordstrom’s.

3) Chapstick

Do not forget this one! The skin on your lips is some of the thinnest on your body and yes–it can get burnt too. Look for a Chapstick with sunscreen to keep your lips happy and healthy.

4) Baby Powder

The fact that a couple minutes on the beach means you’ll be picking sand off yourself for hours is probably the most uncomfortable part of paradise. Take baby powder and sprinkle some on your skin before you leave–it’ll make the sand fall right off so you’re good to go!

5) Sunglasses

One of our favorite accessories–the shades. With so many shapes and sizes, it's so hard to choose sometimes. Protect your eyes and no one will know if you nod off in your beach chair.

6) Refreshing wipes

It's no secret, we all sweat in the summer heat a little. That sweat can cause some build up in your pores and no one wants their relaxing vacation ruined with a break out. How are you suppose to take cute commemorative Instagram photos then? Keep a pack of face wipes to refresh yourself with while at the beach.
Pack it all up in one very cute beach tote and you’ll be ready for hours with your toes in the water. May your trip be relaxing and your tan never fade.