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6 More Weeks of Winter

The groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, which means you’ll need to keep your winter clothes in the front of your closet for a little longer. Dressing for the cold when spring trends are coming can be difficult; the key to dressing for this weather is to layer. Here are a few ideas to keep you warm these next few weeks.

Pair a great long-sleeve tee with a flannel for the base of your outfit. Complete the layered look with an oversized jacket, which not only looks stylish but will keep you warm as well. Get creative and mix and match the patterns of your under layers for your individual style. Jeans or leggings can be paired with these tops, and you can finish it off with a pair of booties.

Vests can be a great option for layering as well. They aren’t as bulky as oversized jackets but still provide warmth; if the weather is a little warmer, then a vest may be the way to go. Start with a long sleeve tee. If you want to be even warmer, a sweater may be the best choice. Finish off your top with a fun scarf to complete your look.

With 6 more weeks of winter coming, layered outfits can be a great option for the weather. Bundle up if it’s chilly out or go less bulky when it becomes warmer; either way, layered outfits work for both! 

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