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Through this very difficult time of transitioning into online school and getting used to being home again, I thought it would be appropriate to offer some tips if you are thinking about getting a piercing. I would certainly call ahead to a tattoo shop first to confirm they are still open, but this is a fun activity to do at home! Personally, I was pondering whether I should get another piercing during all of this. I think I might after looking at these pictures!


This first piercing, a helix, is probably one of my favorites. I have one, and personally I couldn’t be more in love with it! It’s cute and not too flashy, but still manages to make a statement about you—  that you rock!


The tragus piercing is very beneficial for your body! It is said to help with migraines if you get them frequently, and it looks awesome! It is also very noticeable, which I personally love.

Anti- Helix 

An anti-helix piercing looks super painful but surprisingly it isn’t! In my opinion, it’s still classy but makes a really bold statement at the same time, depending on what stud you have in. I would highly recommend it to someone who is interested in getting a piercing.


The daith piercing is similar to an anti-helix and is still very classy but makes a statement about the person wearing it. I would highly recommend this to people who are super interested in either the daith or anti-helix piercing.

Nose Piercing

Regardless as to whether its a stud or a hoop the nose ring makes a bold statement. It is personally one of my top 5 favorite piercings to look at. Would also highly recommend this. You can even get a fake one if you’re not ready for the real thing!

Belly Button Piercing

Probably my ultimate favorite piercing is the belly button piercing. It certainly makes a statement once bikini season rolls around and looks great when you’re trying to get a tan!

That’s it for my piercing recommendations. There are so many great options for everyone, it just depends on your preferences!

I am a sophomore at DePauw University, I love swimming and occasionally playing tennis. I have a dog and I am from Franklin, IN.
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