5 Fun Date Ideas in Indianapolis for under $20

Let’s face it, dating is expensive –but it doesn’t have to be. If you choose your dates wisely and not just go out for 13 dollar drinks every time, you and your crush can go on even more dates with the money you save. It may seem like its hard to find things to do in the city without breaking the bank, but the options are out there! Below are some fun dates that will respect your aching college bank account.

  1. 1. Canal

    Take your boo to the Indianapolis canal walk. It is free to walk on and is a nice 3-mile loop. Its pet friendly and it’s common you’ll pass other events on your walk like yoga or an outside concert. If you wanna spend a little money you could rent a bicycle, kayak, paddle boat or go on a gondola ride. 

  2. 2. Mural Tour

    Indianapolis is known for their portrait murals. Be your own tour guide and walk the city. You could fill the afternoon with bae by finding all of the gorgeous wall art. Bring a camera and take some snaps of you and your S.O. with all of the art. 

  3. 3. Thrift Shopping 

    Whether you’re looking to actually buy something or not, the resale shops in broad ripple are always a fun time. You and your date could try on crazy outfits from all the decades or just wander the isles and find the weirdest stuff. This is definitely a goofy kind of date, so make sure you feel comfortable with your S.O. that way you can be silly as possible and make the most fun out of the trip. 

  4. 4. Comedy Club

    On Thursday’s Cracker’s host a “College Night” on these days admission is only $5 for the show if you make a reservation! You and your date could go for an evening of laughs with only paying $10 at the door. They do require a 2 drink minimum, but the drinks start at $2.50. This a great date with mood lighting and content that will make you crack up.

  5. 5. Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields

    Another Thursday deal! On the first Thursday of the month, the IMA offers free admission from 4-8 pm. This is an amazing offer because admission is usually $18 a person. You could spend hours here wandering the gounds, visiting the beer garden, admiring the art inside, and checking out the pop-up exhibit. This past summer they had an experimental rooftop putt-putt course, so you never know what you’ll find.