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5 Aesthetically Pleasing Inspirational Instagram Pages to Brighten Your Day

Everybody needs inspiration every day. Social media can be destructive or powerful depending on how you use it. Recently, I was having a discussion with a group of my girl friends and we realized that, to some extent, you can have power over how social media affects you. If you just wanted to follow people who you are close with, people who make you feel better about yourself, or people who inspire you, you could do that!! Instead of letting social media have control over you, take control of your social media and how it impacts you–  and you can start by following these 5 beautifully done, inspirational Instagram pages. 


An account that will continue to remind you that taking care of yourself is one of the most important things that you have to do every day. 


An account focused on spreading happiness. The perfect account to pick you up on your gloomiest days. @happsters reminds you that there is also good in life even when everything seems to be going wrong.


This account is the perfect reminder of how amazing you are. @youareluminous shares daily reminders of your power, shares advice and spreads positivity.


This account has fun-looking designs of inspirational quotes that can get you through the toughest of days and can brighten your great days even more. These quotes can be the kind of inspiration you need, or may be the pick me up that you want to share with your followers to help them feel inspired.


@positivelypresent will not only spread positivity all over your feed but will also remind you of the kind of person that you want to be. If we all live a little more positively the world will be a much brighter place.

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