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4 Places to Look for the Bright Side

Lately all these rainy, sunless days and the DePlague have been getting us all down. Whenever I feel as though I just can't go on, I pull up my bookmarked folder of inspiring places throughout the world wide web. Lucky for you, I have scoured the web for years to gather these gems. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite pick me ups! Enjoy!

4. 25 Iconic Speeches 

I love these because instead of your mom or big sister telling you life’s secrets these come from real people; people that have done and said amazing things. Also the infamous Shia Labeouf pep talk because JUST DO IT.

3. Jump on your Pinterest boards.

There is nothing like a good ’ole piece of pinspiration in the morning. It’s sure to pep up your day! I like to pick out a pretty quote and use it as the lock screen on my phone. Not only is it a little pick me up, but it’s a great reminder of what’s important. 

2. Jess Lively via The Lively Show!

I know that you don’t always have time to sit and listen to a wicked podcast, so why sit? Pop in some headphones and listen to this before going to class in the morning or listen to it while you are hitting the gym.The possibilities are endless!

1. Your Instagram feed. 

There are so many interesting and inspiring accounts out Instagram, from makeup tutorials to pictures of adorable baby animals. My personal favorite can be found under the username @mochiandthecity. If you love cute puppies check out this list to add to your scroll.
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