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3 Essentials When Building Your College Wardrobe

Congratulations, first-year women! You are officially allowed on Greek property, woo hoo! If you are like me, then your high school outfits aren’t always frat appropriate, and by now you have probably run out of your two favorite tops and have resorted to asking your roommate to borrow a shirt or her cute jean skirt. Here is a simple guide to help you when you start to shop for items that will be a part of your college attire for the next four years.  These three simple pieces will help you put together an awesome outfit every Friday and Saturday night. 

Black Jean Skirt

A black denim skirt is my go-to for parties. It matches practically everything, so that is super nice. It is also basic enough that you can wear it two weekends in a row with different tops and no one will notice. The black makes it a little edgier than a normal jean skirt. Some even have rips or frayed edges to make it look distressed and give it a different vibe. My favorite part about this is that it has pockets!! This is essential so you don’t have to hold your phone all night or stress about where to hide your tampons. A black jean skirt is perfectly cute and functional. 

Frat Shoes

It is ESSENTIAL to have good, comfortable shoes that can withstand the elements of a frat. Many women before me have ruined their favorite pair of white or light-colored shoes by wearing them to a party. Having a good, basic pair of black shoes that will go with almost any outfit will come in handy on the nights you don’t want to wear heels (which, for me, is all the nights). Personally, my frat shoes are high top Converse, but any type of Vans or Converse-type shoe works.

Body Suits

College is a super fun time to get to wear fun and risky outfits that weren’t really popular in high school and that most likely won’t get to be worn at a job after college…so embrace it! Everyone’s style is a little different, so find what works best for you, but having a couple of go-to shirts is super handy. I really love body suits! They are tight and fun, a little difficult to use the bathroom in, but super worth it. They help dress up a pair of jeans or can go with a cute skirt. Crop tops and tank tops are also super popular, especially since most frat parties get super hot, even in the winter.

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