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10 Facts to Cheer You Up

1. Jackie Mitchell was only 17 years old when she became one of the first female pitchers in professional baseball. She later struck out Babe Ruth.

2. The Beatles used the word “love” 613 times during the entirety oftheir career.

3. There is a type of turtle that can breathe through its butt.

4. Ben and Jerry learned how to make ice cream by taking a $5 correspondence course at Penn State.

5. Dr. Seuss was once challenged to write a book with less than 50 different words. Green Eggs and Ham was the result.

6. Viagra can keep flowers fresh for up to a week longer than normal.

7. Each year, squirrels forget where they buried their nuts, which results in hundreds of new trees.

8. According to several studies, being in love can improve your health due to the release of oxytocin.
9. The voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse got married.
10. You are beautiful. No matter what others say and no matter how you feel; you are beautiful inside and out.
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