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Why Everyone Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day

For those of us not even close to anything like a relationship, it is easy to simply write off Valentine’s Day as a dumb, fake holiday. While I may have been in this boat for the past couple of years, this Valentine’s Day I’m changing my perspective.


Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people you love how much you really love them. This doesn’t just have to be romantic love, but you can show love to anyone in your life that you appreciate. Call your friends and your family and make sure they know that you’re thinking of them.


Growing up, my parents always got me Valentine’s Day gifts. My dad would always get me chocolates and my mom would find small things that I needed: candles, socks, nail polish, etc. This taught me that Valentine’s Day is simply a reminder to show those around you that you love them.


Along with this, and so much love in the air, how can you not be happy for your friends with valentines? I’m always excited to hear about my friends’ Valentine’s Day plans with someone they love. And for my friends who don’t have partners, it is always a great time to remind them that you appreciate them.


This year, instead of simply blowing off the holiday, take the time to make it into something worthwhile. Even if this means just getting pizza with your best friend or going to dinner with your S.O. Plus, who can turn down all the cheap candy on the 15th?


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