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Which Movies You Should Watch This Weekend Based on Your Major 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

It’s sweater weather, warm comfy blanket szn, pumpkin spice themed everything and most of all, cozy fall days. With those in mind it’s only right to have a movie marathon in your dorm and I’m here for it. It only felt right to have a certain theme for these movies, considering DePaul is nearing midterms here’s list of movies to watch, based on your major. 


Must I say more? You already know I’m going for a CLASSIC here, President of Delta Nu, bend and snap QUEEN, we love Elle Woods in this household. In “Legally Blonde” even though technically Elle Woods was a fashion merchandising major we can put her under law because after all, she did graduate from Harvard with a Juris Doctor degree at Harvard. What, like it’s hard? I feel like even if you’re not a law major (like Elle) this movie is a staple in teaching us how to be true to ourselves. Also, hello Jennifer Coolidge teaching us the bend and snap, a true feminist icon. 


“Dead Poets Society,” NEVER misses. Okay technically this is a movie that takes place at an all-male boarding prep high school, I’m letting it slide tho because it’s one of my favorite movies, anyway! Let’s set the scene because I know English majors love movies that have literal meaning. Robin Williams’ character Alan Keightley steps on the desk and says “Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” Not only does that have literal meaning but there’s definitely a metaphor you can search for in there. 

STEM Majors  

Honestly this movie is another favorite of mine, “Hidden Figures” absolute chefs kiss. It’s based on three African-American women at NASA, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who played a PIVOTAL role in the Space Race. It shows the hardship they faced being women of color in a world managed by white men. We love women in STEM; they quite literally make the world go round. 


Content warning: This movie focuses on sexual assault in the workplace

“Bombshell” is a biographical drama that tells the true story of the sexual harassment scandal that took down Roger Ailes. Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron do an amazing job telling the victims stories. 


You know who’s a super big business queen? All the ladies in “9 to 5.” All three of these fabulous actresses are IRL business women. Jane Fonda’s been an activist since the 1960s, her charity work focuses on youths, reproductive rights, environmental issues, human services, the arts and education. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library makes me cry whenever I think about why she started it in the first place. Lily Tomlin has stayed an active member in the LGBTQ+ community by working on feminist films and LGBTQ+ friendly films. 


Hear me out here, this might be a little longer but the “Mamma Mia” series. It was between this and “La La Land” tbh, I love both of these movies but musicals for some reason really hit the nail on the head for our theater majors. So maybe watch like any musical this weekend and it’ll count. 


Technically this isn’t a movie but I’ll let it slide if you binge “Grey’s Anatomy” before midterms. Who doesn’t love a little McDreamy to get us through the week? With the 20th season being released in 2024 it’ll give me enough time to rewatch the series to the point where I know the script inside out.

Whatever you plan on watching this weekend, make sure that you don’t stress out too much over midterms and give yourself time to relax. Even the smallest forms of self care are super impactful and can help you relax before what feels like a never ending week.

Hanna Lopez is a senior at DePaul University. She is a journalism major with a minor in television, radio and media. Before writing for Her Campus she wrote for Spoon University Her Campus's food publication as a national writer. She wrote reviews, a lot of how-to’s and even interviewed TikTok Foodie Faith Christensen on becoming TikTok famous and where she got her inspiration from because all of her recipes look super tasty. Outside of writing for Her Campus, Hanna has her own radio show on DePaul's radio station. A coffee enthusiast and barista (shocking), she loves trying different coffee places around Chicago. In her off time she likes going out with her boyfriend trying different breakfast diners around the suburbs. She has been a guest on WGN’s radio show with Lisa Dent and has an interest in political journalism and criminology. As the Campus Correspondent for HC at DePaul Hanna’s goal is for members to know they are making a difference not only on campus and writing for HC at DePaul but also outside of school. She hopes to show members that everyone in the chapter is valued and wants to make sure they know that HC at DePaul will always be inclusive student media!