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Have you asked your boyfriend how frequently he thinks of the Roman Empire today? 

The trend started on X, formerly known as Twitter with @KelseyMLoo tweeting, 

TikTok has blown up with people asking their boyfriends how frequently they think about the Roman Empire. Ashley Lance asked her boyfriend how frequently he thought of the Empire and he said, “not a lot, maybe a week or two ago.” He defends his answer by saying that the Roman Empire was a very big part of history. 


he got so defensive😭😭 once a week is insane

♬ original sound – ashley lance

TikToker Allie Ninfo asked her boyfriend and he didn’t hear her the first time but asked her “like Marcus Aurelius, Alexander the Great Roman Empire?” I remember my history lessons from high school but how can you remember that both of these guys were a part of the empire? 

Are the dads in on this too? TikTok user Jordan Bunning asked her dad the burning question as a joke and he had a serious answer to it.

So obviously I had to ask my boyfriend the burning question of how often he thinks of the Roman Empire!?!? I brought him to an e-board meeting for HC at DePaul and we had to ask him. Audrey, our social media manager here at HC at DePaul, asked him two important questions: how often he thinks of the Roman Empire and how well he could land a plane. You’d be surprised, he only thought of the Roman Empire once and he could land a plane, specifically a Boeing (okay?) but very poorly.

Maybe not every boyfriend thinks about the Roman Empire but learning that men think about things like this on almost daily basis is the funniest thing ever.

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