An Unapologetic Letter to People Who Say "Sorry" Too Much

Photo Courtesy of Giphy

Lo siento, je suis désolé, mi dispiace, maaf, es tut mir leid, sinto muito, förlåt, мне жаль, 对不起, أنا آسِف, are just ten ways to say sorry in different languages.

I can’t tell you how many times I have experienced so many people apologizing for apologizing too much. Nowadays, I can’t tell who’s actually sincere and who’s not. It’s almost like people just don’t think about the meaning behind “sorry” anymore.

Photo Courtesy of Imgflip

Don’t go pointing your apologetic finger at me because I have definitely been the victim of saying sorry when I don’t need to. You bump into someone, think you’re too loud, make a mistake, etc. People need to give themselves more credit—we’re human. That doesn’t mean you have to apologize for every single humanly thing you do.

For one thing, saying sorry about something you did when it isn’t deserving of an actual apology, makes you feel worse. It’s a bit degrading to have to apologize in front of people so much to validate your feelings and dignity.


Stop saying sorry for missing a text when you had important sh*t to do, stop saying sorry for thinking that you look bad today, stop saying sorry for coughing, stop saying sorry for not being properly skilled at something, stop saying sorry when you have to ask someone to be clearer, stop saying sorry about being sorry.

When you actually do need to be sincere, it will mean more, but until that happens you do not owe anyone an apology.

Sorry not sorry.