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Things to Remember as a Creative During COVID-19

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

Creative: A person who has a good imagination, original ideas, or both that can bring a certain work to life. 

Hi there everyone, it’s Alex. I chose to preface this article with my previous article because I can recall Chicago based photographer Eddie Bonneau telling me this piece of advice after obtaining my first Canon EOS camera: I can sit down, and really learn my camera, and join the ranks of both cosplayer, and photography further enjoying both creative worlds even more. Both of those activities are highly encouraged to pick up in the middle of staying at home and social distancing. It’s okay to start small with your iPhone for photography and simple and small with clothes you already have in your closet for cosplay. You also do not need the fanciest editing software to create great photos. Both are to be done in great fun along with other activities like baking and painting, and to better enhance your life during and after COVID-19. 

Original illustration by Kristina Stapelfeld

It is definitely understandable that life, especially right now, can get hard as an artist, especially when it comes to mental health, creative blocks, or both. Here are some essential reminders that I hope will help you breathe, and know that sometimes it’s okay to not be okay after sitting in on two virtual meetups with two great groups of people that I’m immensely blessed to follow and learn from. CHI Shooters, aka @chi.shooters on Instagram, and Chicago Cosplay Photo Meetups, aka  @cosmeetupchicago on Instagram. No matter what is intended for a future career path, I hope these will help across any and all majors. 

  • We can forget things, like what day it is, or the last time we’ve done something like brush our hair, and that is okay. 
  • If you notice that you are taking things too personally, or are lashing out at the littlest things, that is a sign that you need a break as there is lost motivation, focus, or both on what needs to be done. Do not beat yourself up for being unproductive in that sense. You do need a breather and a break. 
  • Do not be afraid to take some time for yourself with anything you want, whether it’s a nap, ten or so minutes of reading a novel, talking out whatever it is you need to with a friend or relative. Do what you need to for that much needed break. 
  • The word and topic distraction can get a bad rep at times. As a creative whether it’s in the form of photography or cosplay, it can be a good thing, and it’s something you can definitely do.
  • What I’m doing again in such a long time, novel reading can also be a good distraction from reality. One part of a series that I am rereading again that my dad somewhat implicitly handed down to me along with a love of action and thriller movies that I would highly recommend for something fresh and different is any Scot Harvath novel written by Chicago-born author Brad Thor. 
  • Progress in anything takes time, which is why self care in any way, shape, or form should be celebrated. Self care certainly heals and strengthens.
  • Anything like cosplaying or making art can be an extension of one’s life as well. Dialogues can be formed and friendships can be created with that connection of creating costumes or artwork.

At the end of the day, mental health always comes first. Time doesn’t always equate to capacity. Dress as who you love no matter the size of your body. Don’t be afraid to have some friendly,  and healthy cosplay or photo editing competition with a fellow creative. Be grateful for things, and people that are your family, biological, chosen, or a mix of both,  always. If you even need a person to help you take even a baby step to becoming more creative and productive with any of these reminders, don’t ever be afraid to start with me by contacting me through Instagram at @_lexiacainlifeandvisuals.18. Wishing you all the best, reassuring you that you are never alone, and all the love and validation in the world, always. 

Hello everyone,I am Alex Acain, and a senior at DePaul. I am Chicago born, and raised. I am double-majoring in Journalism, and Sports Communication, and minoring in Photography. Whenever I have the spare time, and depending on the season, I always like to either watch, or listen to, Bears, Blackhawks, and Cubs games while cheering for them of course. I also like to ; watch movies, listen to music, make different tea and coffee drinks, other simple recipes, and cosplay every once in a while as I am also a big pop culture fan. Finally, since I think the West Coast is the best coast, one of my favorite places to travel to is Southern California to see my family and for the, food scene, beaches and places like Universal Studios and Disneyland.