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Target is Now Selling Vibrators

I was recently scrolling through my TikTok and started seeing videos of women explaining that Target has begun selling vibrators. Earlier today, my roommate and I decided to venture to Target to see if this was in fact true; here they were in the aisle, women’s vibrators. 

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How selling vibrators prioritizes and destigmatizes Women’s sexuality

While this may be a small effort by Target, the inclusion of vibrators normalizes women’s sexuality. Throughout history, women have not been considered sexual beings and are only recognized for their ability to procreate. If department stores continue to sell products made solely for the sexual enjoyment of women, it acknowledges the fact that women do in fact have sex and can enjoy it. 

This is also true for the LGBTQ+ community, where they do not have the privilege to be able to walk into any department store and feel that their sexuality is prioritized. There is a lot of stigma and hypersexualization that goes with using a vibrator. People who use vibrators are often seen as sex addicts for simply taking their sexual health seriously. Sexual health is proven to have many benefits, and by Target including vibrators in their stores, in a way, it validates this and normalizes women prioritizing their sexual health and pleasure


The Response to This

 People on social media have been raving about Target including vibrators in their stores. This goes to show that women have been neglected of basic needs as sexual beings. I enjoy the sense of normalcy that this news has created. It is normal for women to have sex and to enjoy it, which is something we have been deprived of for decades. I hope that this will serve as a message to other stores that sexual health in women is important and should be a priority.

Hi! My name Georgia Coriell and I am sophomore at DePaul. I am studying Communication and Media with a minor in Television Production. In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix, listening to music, writing, and taking photos.
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