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Superbowl Sunday

There are two things about Superbowl Sunday that absolutely everyone loves: the ads and the food. From funny to controversial to nostalgic, this year’s ads are already looking great. The GoDaddy ad is looking far more normal than their last year’s (apparently a woman really quits her job in the ad – it should definitely be interesting!), Scarlett Johansson’s ad has already been censored (apparently you can’t mention competing brands in ads anymore… someone should alert Verizon/AT&T), and three members of Full House are featured in a yogurt ad (the preview has already gone viral!).
As for food…whether it’s wings, chips and salsa, pizza, or all of the above, you can’t go wrong! Not even Fat Tuesday can compete with Superbowl Sunday. While it sucks that Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t conveniently right on Lincoln anymore, there are still plenty of restaurants – which will deliver right to your Superbowl party through GrubHub – that can satisfy your food cravings. Personal favorites include specialty pizza restaurant Big G’s (order the BBQ Steak and French Fries pizza, it’s to die for!) and Papa Ray’s. They both deliver so you don’t have to freeze!
And hey, I think in between all the ads and eating, you can even catch a football game…if you’re into that.
Tori Meschino is a lot of things with a lot of majors. She's a macaroni and cheese lover, a sorority woman, obsessed with Michael J. Fox, a binge-watcher, an editor-in-chief, the HerCDM president, a woman in tech, and a writer. She majors in Interactive and Social Media and Media and Cinema Studies, and minors in General Psychology (and a minor in Never Graduating). So basically she's everywhere. Oh, and she's one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus DePaul!
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