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Spring Dresses I’m Loving

I’m not sure if it’s the dreariness of winter or the negativity surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency, but I can’t help but feel so sluggish and uninspired lately. I never thought of inspiration as a concept that would even matter to me, until now, when I realized I don’t have any of it. Fashion is one thing that has always made me happy and feel lively. I could stare at clothes and talk about clothes all day if possible. 

I was invited to attend a first communion this spring, so naturally I started searching for an outfit in January. I’ve looked far and wide on the Internet in hopes of finding a long-sleeved dress in any color but black. In doing so, I’ve seen a lot of dresses. Like a lot. In an attempt to inspire myself and hopefully you, here is some fashion I’ve been loving for spring: 

Zara Sky Blue

Topshop Double Breasted Wrap Dress

Gap Stripe Front Tie Dress

J. Crew Collection Wide-Leg Pleated Jumpsuit 


Which one is your favorite? 






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