SOS: I Can’t Stop Watching Tik Toks

Did the idea for this article come after I spent hours watching Tik Toks instead of writing the original idea I had for my article? 100%

There was once a time that I adamantly refused to download Tik Tok because it was stupid and just a wannabe Vine. Yet, here I am, at 20 years old, wasting away watching Tik Toks for hours on end instead of doing something productive. 

The people I watch on there post a wide range of content: comedic Tik Tokers, grandparents telling jokes or attempting trendy dances, famous people, crazy talented performers, cute animals, creative storytellers, and yes, some cute boys, too. Oh, I forgot to mention the One Direction stans who post super relatable videos because I will never stop being a #Directioner.

One Direction

I genuinely think I have a problem. Anytime I’m bored, need a break from homework, or need a little pick me up, I open Tik Tok and somehow spend 2+ hours just scrolling away. So, basically, this article is both a recommendation, and a warning. While I recomend Tik Tok for entertainment purposes, don’t say I didn’t warn you when you find that you’ve spent hours watching dumb videos instead of doing literally anything midly productive and useful.

I’m ending this article to go watch more videos. Have fun tik toking!