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Should I Buy Off the TikTok Shops? 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

If you’re ANYTHING like me, lately your for you page has been flooded with coupons for the shops on TikTok. It started off as a coupon for the infamous pickle sweatshirt but now everything has a coupon, sometimes up to 50% off per shop. From Stanley dupes, to Crocs being sold on the TikTok shops you can probably get your whole fall wardrobe from all the different shops.

My cart right now looks all over the place, I have sweatshirts, shoes, packs of socks in there, different types of pants and band shirts. I’ve seen a lot of dupes on TikTok and one of the ones that has me questioning whether I should buy anything off the shops are Birkenstock clog dupes and some pairs of joggers. The only problem is that I’m scared I’ll end up spending too much. 

For the dupe Birkenstock Boston clogs, they’re $35.90 on sale right now (before tax and shipping). The only problem with these clogs is that in the picture the “Thick Bottom Birkenstocks” are the bottom of our old friend, UGGS. If you’re in it for the comfort these seem like the way to go but something about it makes me think that I’ll end up somehow wear out the shoes very quickly.

I love the idea these dupe Birks have because they look super comfy but I think I’ll stick to my fur lined Boston clogs for now, they’ll last me through the winter.

I have a fear that once I start buying joggers off TikTok I won’t stop and my whole wardrobe will look like the TikTok store. These joggers come in a pack of three, black, grey and charcoal, the only downside is that they don’t have pockets and I need my pockets to survive. Right now the online store Mr. Andy has the pack of three on sale for $11.30 and the black and grey pair on sale for $10.27.

The only problem with the TikTok shops is that the 50% coupon only works for one item from your whole order. If you’re new to shopping on TikTok you’ll see it in your cart when check out. It’s not a bad deal but it could cost you a little more than you’re willing to spend. This feels like the new way of shopping online especially because TikTok gives coupons up to 50% off and some (if not most) TikTok stores give you free shipping so you’re just paying the cost of the item and for taxes (depending on your state). As long as you budget yourself and you make sure to check the info on what you’re buying the TikTok shops seem like a great way to also support small businesses.

Hanna Lopez is a senior at DePaul University. She is a journalism major with a minor in television, radio and media. Before writing for Her Campus she wrote for Spoon University Her Campus's food publication as a national writer. She wrote reviews, a lot of how-to’s and even interviewed TikTok Foodie Faith Christensen on becoming TikTok famous and where she got her inspiration from because all of her recipes look super tasty. Outside of writing for Her Campus, Hanna has her own radio show on DePaul's radio station. A coffee enthusiast and barista (shocking), she loves trying different coffee places around Chicago. In her off time she likes going out with her boyfriend trying different breakfast diners around the suburbs. She has been a guest on WGN’s radio show with Lisa Dent and has an interest in political journalism and criminology. As the Campus Correspondent for HC at DePaul Hanna’s goal is for members to know they are making a difference not only on campus and writing for HC at DePaul but also outside of school. She hopes to show members that everyone in the chapter is valued and wants to make sure they know that HC at DePaul will always be inclusive student media!