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Paige Connaughton ’17

Name: Paige Connaughton
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Major (Minor, if it applies): PR with a Spanish minor
Dream Job: Public Relations Manager for Benefit Cosmetics 
Campus Involvement: VP Foundation for the Delta Gamma Sorority, DePaul Leadership Scholar
In your own words, what is Anchor Slam?
Anchor Slam is the social culmination of our chapter’s efforts to raise money for The Delta Gamma Foundation. As we serve our community, raising money and awareness, the Anchor Slam event is a three-on-three basketball tournament to unite our DePaul community, while also celebrating the work of Delta Gamma.
When and where is Anchor Slam being held this year?
This coming Friday, May 8th, we will be hosting Anchor Slam at the Ray from 12-3pm.
Check out  a promo video here! https://vimeo.com/124257954
What’s your favorite part about Anchor Slam and why?
I always love the actual event of Anchor Slam because it’s so lighthearted. I love any excuse to hang out with my chapter and spend time with DePaul organizations. But knowing that we are raising money for our Delta Gamma Foundation, which serves the Armed Forces, the visually impaired and our elderly community, makes the event so much more meaningful.
How can people not associated with Greek life get involved?
The Ray is open to all! This event is centered around raising awareness for our foundation, it doesn’t matter what if you wear greek letters! To register a team, go to our online linkhttps://www.memberplanet.com/s/etapi/deltagammaetapi-teamregistration2015
What’s the purpose of Anchor Slam?
Anchor a Slam has existed with Delta Gamma to provide a fun environment to foster positive dialogue about The Delta Gamma Foundation. We are really proud of the work we do, and as a way to share that, we host this event in the hopes that the participants will see our passion and want to get involved.
How long has Anchor Slam been doing on with Delta Gamma? Is it specific to DePaul?
Since our chapter’s founding in 2007, we have been doing Anchor Slam. Nationally, Delta Gamma chapters with fun fundraising competitions annually as well.
How did you get involved with Delta Gamma and become the VP of Foundation?
I went through Panhellenic recruitment last fall, as a freshman. My aunt was a Delta Gamma and has always been a role model for me, so after meeting the amazing DGs at DePaul, I realized that Delta Gamma was the perfect organization to get involved in. And because they made me feel so welcome in my first year, I I wanted to give that to our new members this year, so I ran for the VP of Foundation role. And I won!! 
What’s your favorite part of being a Delta Gamma and what’s your favorite memory?
I have met my best friends through Delta Gamma. It’s so cheesy to say that, but very true. I look for motivated people to surround myself around, and the Delta Gamma women are the most driven people I have ever met. Right now, our sister Vanessa Cadavillo is running for SGA president; gathering around her to support her has been so impactful for me, because I really see how dedicated we are to helping one another.
Where could we find you on campus? (favorite study spot, etc)
I’m pushing through midterms right now, so I’m spending a lot of time in the library. But when I’m not studying, I’m enjoying this awesome warm weather by riding my super cute (slightly rusted) cruiser bike! 
What’s a normal day in the life of DG’s VP of Foundation?
I am a full-blown email addict. From Anchor Slam, to service coordination and chapter outreach, I am always communicating.  Right now, I’m working with the Chicago Lighthouse to organize Delta Gamma volunteers to guide visually impaired guests in their Sight Gala (May 14), so my day usually starts and ends with gmail. As a PR major I try my best to treat my position like a job. But the best part of my day is working to engage Delta Gammas with our Chicago community, so I get to meet and interact with new people every day, which I love. 
Michelle is a third year Secondary Education English student at DePaul University that enjoys sarcasm, laughing at cats on the internet, and forgetting to wear her glasses to class.
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