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Mercury is in Retrograde and That’s Why You Feel Like That

If you’ve been feeling bad for the past week, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault either! It’s that beautiful time of the year where everything feels off and nothing goes right because mercury is in retrograde. Thankfully, we only have a few more weeks left of this mess as mercury leaves its retrograde on March 28. While I’m not a certified astrologer, I can still give you a quick breakdown on all the feelings you’ll be feeling for another two weeks.



1. Your communication with others is probably going to be bad

Horoscope.com explains, “ During this perceived backwards motion, anything to do with communication, technology or contracts can get majorly screwed up.” Yes, this means it’s not just in your head that no one is answering your texts or emails all at the same time. Or if you’re anything like me, you’re the one that can’t muster the energy to send that stupid email.


Image source: Cosmopolitan


2. Even your feelings will have feelings

What makes this retrograde hit harder than normal is the fact it comes in the middle of Pisces season. As a Pisces, all of these feelings are normal for me. But, all my fire, earth and air signs are feeling what it’s like to be a water sign. Astrology.com even offers the advice,
“If toes get stepped on, be generous with apologies, offer to make amends far exceeding what seems necessary, and add a touch of irony or humor.”


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3. You’re going to be sleepy

Since you’ll be dealing with all of these emotions and communication struggles, you won’t be getting the best sleep of your life. Bustle.com has a great article on the impacts of Pisces season and mercury in retrograde on your sleep and states, “It’s possible that during the retrograde period, you’ll feel more stressed and anxious than you usually do, and that can definitely have a negative impact on your sleeping patterns.”


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