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Meet Gracie Covarrubias

On any given day, Gracie Covarrubias can be seen speed-walking across campus (both in the Loop and Lincoln Park). Her dark brown hair bounces on her shoulders as she moves from a meeting, to class, and then to work (and often back to another meeting). Though often overwhelmed by the busy schedule she keeps, Gracie is always upbeat, greeting everyone she meets is a smile.  

Gracie is a graduate student at DePaul. During her four years here—yes, she will have completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in just four years—she has been involved in organizations across campus. She is the outgoing Vice President of DePaul’s Student Government Association. She was a mentor in DePaul’s Chicago Quarter program, becoming a Staff Professional her final year. She worked at the Career Center, led service immersion trips, is a member of Chi Omega and interned at countless organizations.

But she is more than her impressive resume—as we all are. She is thoughtful. She is vulnerable. And she is gracious.

Meet Gracie Covarrubias.

Who are you?

I’m the girl who tells long-winded stories, greets you like I haven’t seen you in years every time I see you, laughs with everything I have, and always has an idea for an adventure. I am a Vincentian, a student leader at DePaul, and an academic. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend. And most importantly, I am a peregrina.

Who inspires you?

My mother. She’s the most resilient and persistent person I know. But, the truth is, everyone inspires me a little bit everyday too. Everyone has the power to make at least one person’s life better with a smile, a hug, a small note of encouragement– the kindness that exists in the people around us, in spite of how treacherous the world feels, inspires me each and every day.

What are you scared of?

Currently– not getting a job before I graduate. But that immediate fear aside, I’m terrified of the idea of not being enough. I’m scared of not loving enough, not living enough, and not being worthy of love.

Where have you been?

I’ve trekked through mountain ranges, deserts, countrysides, hamlets, and towns–I’ve crossed oceans, hopped around 7 different countries, traversed hundreds of cities and I’ve jumped in and out of the worlds vividly described in texts written by the greats.

Where are you now?

Stuck in the limbo that exists between your last quarter of school and your first day of real life. I.m pretty sure this is what Dante’s first circle of hell is based on.

Where are you going?

Home. I’m in search of the places and people that bring me joy, make me laugh and fill my heart.


DePaul '19 Journalsim, Public Relations and Advertising major. Diet coke is my favorite & so is eating in general. Watching Scandal, Once Upon a Time & listening to Demi Lovato are my pass times.
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