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Meet the Bad Ass Female Taking Over NBC- Natacha Karam in #Whitterview #11



This fall, NBC premiered a new show, The Brave, that follows America’s elite undercover military team while they save lives of innocent people and execute missions in some of the world’s  most dangerous places.

With today being International Women’s Day, its the perfect time to introduce you all to one of my newest idols.

Among the people on the Brave’s elite team is Natacha Karam, who plays Jaz. The only female on the team and the best shooter as well. I mean, when is the last time you saw a female on a show or movie that is the best shooter? This is one of the reasons why Jaz is bad ass and also one of my new favorite female stars.

Now let’s get to know this stunning powerful female, who I assure you, will also become one of your idols.


Tell me about your background? (Where your from, your family, etc)

NK: “This is always a long one. I’m a bit of a mutt -but I love it. My mum is Northern Irish, so all of her side of the family is in Ireland, and I lived there for many years as a kid. My dad is half French and half Lebanese, that’s why i speak French and some Arabic. We moved around a lot when i was a kid because of my dad’s job.. I lived in 5 countries before I turned 13. When I was 18, I moved to London and made it my self appointed home. That’s where I set up base as an adult. So I may not be English in anyway, but i definitely consider London a home.” 

Did you always know you wanted to be an actress?

NK:  “Always wanted to be an actress, sounds cliche but it’s true. Had my sights set on it from about 4 years old.”

Where were you when you found out you were cast as Jaz?

NK: “I was in an Uber pulling up to Wildcard Boxing Club when my agents and manger conference called me to tell me the news. I went straight into a boxing session and definitely cried in the women’s changing room (which is a closet). It was an amazing moment for me.”

What was your favorite episode this season on The Brave?

NK: “I have favorites for different reasons. The pilot is where it all began, so I have a soft spot for that one. I think 4 is visually stunning and so badass. I like the story and the pace in 9. I like the emotion and gut in 11, especially Dalton’s speech at the end by the fire.”

If you could write an episode for season 2- what would it be about?

NK: “If I were to write an episode in the next series I would either like to explore Jaz’s backstory OR make Jaz and Dalton have to play a couple undercover where they get caught in some awkward situation, and lines may perhaps get blurred between what is them undercover and what is real life. I shall say no more. P.s this doesn’t necessarily mean I’m pro Jalton- I’m just aware of it.”


If you could guest star on any other show which would it be?

NK: “If I could guest star on another show it would be..hmm.. I don’t have an immediate one jumping out. But something totally different would be fun, comedy maybe .. If only friends was still on air- not an uncommon thought for me.”

What’s it like being the only female on the Brave’s elite team? You and your character Jaz are the most bad ass person on tv.

NK: “I never really feel like the only female, I guess much like Jaz wouldn’t. Those are my guys, my gang, I’m just one of them. They treat me like an equal, so I feel that way. But I never forget how important it is to have such a strong female character on TV.  Its amazing how positively and personally women are responding to her. This is what we want to see. The idea is, ‘If i can see her, I can BE her.’ So I’m all about the portrayal of non stereotypical women in TV and film. Let’s shatter those stereotypes and exceed expectations.

Is there any specific way you prep for hard scenes? Such as the rescue of Jaz after she was taken or the last scene in the season finale where the team is standing around Preach?

NK: “I didn’t necessarily prep for any of the scenes. It’s more of a headspace you have to get yourself into and making sure you are 100 percent open and available (emotionally), so that you can be present in the moment and connect to the other characters when you do start rolling.”What is something we all can do to make sure The Brave is renewed?

NK: “The biggest way to help get The Brave renewed is to spread the word. The people who watch this show, love this show. There just aren’t enough people watching. Tell everyone you know to watch it, rally the troops. Also there’s a movement happening on Twitter called RenewTheBrave- check them out, they have lots of fun ideas to help get the show renewed. We have some super proactive and passionate fans. How very lucky are we.


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