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McDreamy and McSteamy: May We Never Forget Them

Grey’s Anatomy has become my obsession. While I was 12 years late on the Grey Sloan Memorial train, I quickly understood the love that so many people I know have for the show. I especially grew to understand the love for McDreamy and McSteamy. And while I always wanted Meredith to end up with Derek, I wanted Mark all to myself.

So imagine my heartbreak when both of my favorite McMen were slaughtered from the show?! I am currently on Season 12 episode 8 and Meredith is still recovering from Derek’s death. However, to my knowledge in the current season, Meredith may be falling for a new love interest (who doesn’t even have good hair or a sexy nick-name).

Thus, through my disappointment and still tender feelings towards the loss of both McMen, I decided it was necessary write a memorial for them.

McDreamy & McSteamy: May We Never Forget Them

Let’s first begin with with the man who captured the Merediths attentions since season 1 episode 1: McDreamy, also known as Derek Shepherd and his heartwarming smile.

He always had a positive outlook on life.

And he had a sense of humor that demanded laughter.

He loved his family more than anything.

Yet he was just about as dark, twisty and emotional as Meredith.

Even as the groundbreaking neurosurgeon that  he was, he always put his family first and valued his time with them.

Moving onto McSteamy, a.k.a. Mark Sloan, boy can he make a girl swoon.

He tried to be as positive as McDreamy, but it often came off as a bit cocky– and we loved him for that.

He had a condescending nature that we found amusing.

No matter how cool he appears, he was always a bit cheesy.

Though he gave some good advice.

And ultimately, let love get the best of him.


Which, was extremely adorable.

And his final words of wisdom stuck with us all.

Before we conclude this memorial, let’s take a moment to remember McDreamy and McSteamy’s bromance.

It started off a bit rocky (understandably so, as Sloan slept with Addison).

Though it eventually transformed into a strong bromance.

Somehow Shonda Rhimes maneuvered Grey’s Anatomy, so that it can thrive with it’s jaw dropping McMen. However, it is still important to remember the characters as they were and how they influenced, changed, and connected with the characters that are still on the show to this day.

Now, onto Season 12, Episode 9.

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