London Fashion Tips

Recently, I visited the most elegant country in the world, the United Kingdom, for Study Abroad. People are expected to always be presentable at all times, and your focus is to maintain a comfortable look while embracing your femininity. In general, the day to day style is casual, but with a dressy component.


From my close observation, I have gathered 7 tips that you can use when you visit London:

  1. 1. Don’t mix too many colors... or prints...or both

    If you have several colors and prints on you at once, it can get really messy. It is best to stick to just one print or color at a time to create a more polished look. Let one color pop at a time to keep things simple and elegant.

  2. 2. Comfortable and attractive flats

    Comfortable and attractive flats: Since you’ll be on your feet all day navigating a mix of pavement, brick, and cobblestone, you won’t want to risk wearing heels or uncomfortable shoes. Flats are the perfect shoes for being elegant and comfortable.

  3. 3. Throw on a blazer

    This will add an elegant touch, and you don’t need to compromise your favorite jeans. Jeans and a blazer is one of the most popular trends I saw in London.

  4. 4. Pantsuits, jumpsuits, and tracksuits

    They’re perfect for any occasion, night or day. Wear them whenever you go out with friends!  

  5. 5. When in doubt, overdress. 

    You can never be too fabulous!  

  6. 6. Always accessorize

    Statement shoes, necklaces, and cute scarves can make or break your look. Scarves are universally cute for every season. Invest in a couple of silk scarves that can make your outfit go from dull to dynamic.  

  7. 7. Lastly, be confident!

    You are unique and there is not one person on this earth with the same features as you.