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Your 20s can be some of the weirdest years in your life. Especially in your early 20s, sometimes you feel like you’re swinging between childhood and adulthood and it can honestly make you feel alone. Here are five things I do that every girl should do in her 20s to keep it together. 

Befriend yourself

We’re our biggest critics and haters (most of the time). Your goals should be recognizing and working on your flaws and issues. Try to avoid turning them into insecurities. Asking for help and going to therapy could be useful. You’re so much cooler than you think!

Be yourself and don’t be afraid of being unique (it’s cliche but it’s true). Don’t be afraid to spend time with yourself, go on solo dates, adventures and explore. Like Miley said “I can buy myself flowers,” get to know yourself like you would for a romantic partner or friend, true happiness comes from within. 

Keep Friendships Alive

Friendships come easy when you’re a kid, going to school, being forced to spend hours with peers and making memories. We grow up thinking friendships just happen. College’s different; maybe you and your bestie’s schedules don’t align or you go to a different school. Who knows? 

Instead of meeting up without a plan, try planning activities together or pick places to explore. Create memories together, conversations run out, memories don’t! Bring out your inner children and do crafts or visit your local farmers market in the summer! 

Learning New Skills 

Finding yourself isn’t limited to discovering what you already know, especially in your 20s. Start learning new skills and trying out hobbies who knows you might enjoy them, possibilities are endless! You might even make new friends in the process!

Trying new things and gaining new experiences can also help boost your mood. Growing up, I never considered myself artistic but when I started sculpting I saw my ideas come to life and it made me happier.

Find Your People 

Building your support system is crucial as an adult. This will make your 20s more enjoyable and comes in handy when you step into the “real” world. In a world of  “I don’t need anyone,” find people you enjoy spending time with. 

Take Care of Yourself 

If you won’t do it, who will? Your 20s are known as your prime years. Take care of your health, everyone needs a little spa day, it’s like a reward. If you don’t take care of yourself during your golden years it might come back to bite you. Setting routines may help!