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ICYMI: Taylor Swift was Spotted Chatting with Travis Kelce’s Mom at the Chiefs-Bears Game 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

So maybe Taylor’s in her Travis Era but I’m here for it. The Bears knew the Chiefs were trouble and it was painful to watch the Bears lose but watching the clips of Taylor Swift talking to Donna Kelce made it less painful. 

In July, Travis talked to his brother Jason Kelce about trying to shoot his shot with Miss Americana on their podcast New Heights. He tried to make her a friendship bracelet with his phone number but never got the chance to talk to Swift or give her the bracelet. 


Anyone know how to get a bracelet to @Taylor Swift? … asking for a friend 😅 @Buffalo Wild Wings NEW EPISODE OUT NOW! Link in bio

♬ original sound – New Heights

Last Thursday Travis did an interview with Pat McAfee, saying since he saw Swift rock the stage at Arrowhead, it only fair if Swift came to see him rock the stage at Arrowhead. 

Swift took the offer up and was seen yesterday talking with matriarch Donna Kelce while Travis and the Chiefs were busy slaughtering the Bears 41-10 (tough day to be a Bears fan). During the third quarter Kelce looked so pretty like a devil while scoring a touchdown and Swift was seen celebrating from Kelce’s suite. 

After the game Swift and Kelce were seen leaving together but why would they hold a Chief’s game during a Taylor Swift concert?

On Sept. 14, Travis’s older brother Jason Kelce was interviewed by NFL on Amazon Prime after the Eagles game and when he was asked about the rumors of his younger brother and Swift, he said he couldn’t comment on those rumors. Jason said that everyone’s infatuated with Travis’s love life and I couldn’t agree more.

On Sept. 17, sports commentator Ian Eagle started to make Swift references while the Chiefs played the Jaguars, but his most iconic reference was how Kelce found a blank space to make a touchdown. I’ll continue to watch football if all games are like this moving forward. 

In early Sept. it was rumored that the two had started talking but they were in the earlyyy talking stages, like when you first start talking with your situationship but aren’t super sure if you wanna keep talking. They were also rumored to be hanging out, she saw him when she was in NYC.

I don’t’ know about you but I’m feelin’ like this Era might be my favorite Taylor Era yet. If you see me watching the Chief’s game moving forward it’s just because why wouldn’t we stan a potential Mr. Swift in this household?

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