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Why I Love the Lenovo Yoga 9i Dual-Screen Laptop.

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Modern technology has completely transformed how we live. From foldable phones to cutting-edge VR devices.

Let’s talk about 2-in-1 touchscreen laptops! Truly a game changer, especially for students who want a laptop and a tablet without needing multiple devices. Many students, like myself, carry a portable external display like the ARZOPA Portable Monitor, and it definitely adds some extra weight to our backs. 

I discovered the Lenovo Yoga 9i (2023) Dual-Screen laptop, and I’m in love! I’d call this a 3-in-1, as it’s single-handedly replaced my laptop, tablet, and extra monitor. 

The premium build lets me be carefree while I drag around my backpack commuting to and from school. The last thing I need to worry about as a student is breaking my laptop.

The 360-degree hinge lets me make seamless transitions between different modes. I can use this as a traditional laptop with an external keyboard connecting magnetically to the bottom screen. When I don’t want to carry a keyboard, with a tap of 8 fingers, a virtual keyboard and trackpad will pop up. The virtual keyboard vibrates as I type, giving me the familiar comfort of a traditional keyboard. 

When propped up onto a stand, it has two 13in vertical or horizontal screens. It also folds up 360 degrees. I can take handwritten notes in class with the touch-screen pen. My favorite part’s all the accessories come in the box! 

The processor delivers lightning-fast speeds and multitasking capabilities. I wish the screen had less glare when working outdoors. It also has many ports, allowing me to not only connect my phone charger but who doesn’t love charging their Airpods at the same time? There’s also a privacy switch on the side, which allows me to turn my camera on and off. 

Overall, imo, the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i Dual-Screen is the laptop for IT girls across the country. It combines style, performance, and innovation. 

 See it for yourself!