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I Do Not Agree With Our Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion article. Opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect those of Her Campus or Her Campus DePaul. We welcome agreeing and opposing views. If you wish to write a response article or any sort of opinion artice (politics or otherwise), please email depaul@hercampus.com.

I do not agree or condone what’s happening on campus. By now, I assume everyone has heard about the racist graffiti and the name Milo Yiannoplous is one you are familiar with. While I’m in no way defending spilling oil on our quad or making rape jokes, but I do not agree with either side of our campus right now. 

Pro-Trump Graffiti. Photo Credit Charia Rose.

It seems that everyone is splitting into two camps. You’re either with us or you’re against us. You’re either a person or you’re a good-for-nothing, white-money bigot that doesn’t deserve to be alive. Well, I’m a third camp. Because I don’t fall into either of these categories. Let me explain…
I do not agree in blaming the DePaul Republicans. They, and Nicole Been, have done nothing wrong. They stepped into the limelight last time and said, “Crucify me!” in regards to the Chalkening and when they first wanted to bring Yiannoplous to campus. If nothing else, these are individuals who stand proudly alongside their beliefs. Further, university officials have said that someone is currently being charged for the vandalism. I have a hard time believing my Facebook would not have informed me if it were one of their members.
I do not agree with yelling in the speaker’s face. We did not act as Vincentians, something we are asking of others, when we allowed someone to speak for us that invaded the personal space and threatened the safety of someone that they did not agree with. No person should be screaming in another person’s face saying that they are going to punch them and attempting to grab the microphone out of his hand. This is his job. He was at work.
I do not agree with not allowing someone to speak. I do not want to hear what Yiannoplous has to say, but his life is independent of mine. I think his living is dishonest and one of the grossest things I’ve heard of, but that is not my concern or something I can change.
I do not agree with not allowing someone to speak. I do not think that chanting “Not On My Campus!” while pelvic thrusting and twerking on someone you disagree with is the proper way to handle this situation. 
I do not agree with the DePaul Republicans for bringing this man to campus. I do not agree with claiming “Feminism is Cancer” because it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of feminist beliefs. How he conducted himself was nothing short of unprofessional. If the student protestors who felt their identities were being attacked had simply sat at the foot of the stage and made people look at them in the eyes while supporting these racist and sexist ideas to give perspective, then I would have a lot of respect for the courage that would have displayed. But this is not what they did – they screamed and harassed.
I do not agree in separating supporters from their loved ones in the crowd to corner them and chant at them when all they want to do is go home.
I do not agree that it was in the best interests in the safety of our students, particularly the ones near the stage, for the guards to remain inactive during the entire attempted interview.
I do not believe that our actions were justified or that they made any impact on Yannopolous’s life. This is a man who makes a living off of making others angry. He is a man with morals that I would not personally follow and opinions I would not personally preach. 
We are not the only college campus that has done this. We are not the only people silencing Republicans at every turn. But this made us all look ignorant–those defending the graffiti and Yiannopolous and those attacking individuals with different opinions. Our current president says it best about politically correct culture on college campuses going too far. 
So keep your head down and make informed decisions this fall. Vote on policy, not party, but please vote. In a world of overwhelming stimuli and candidate bandwagons–it’s the only weapon you’ve got.


Michelle is a third year Secondary Education English student at DePaul University that enjoys sarcasm, laughing at cats on the internet, and forgetting to wear her glasses to class.