How to Survive a Chicago Winter

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Braving the winter in the Windy City is a challenge. Living near the lake with a constant breeze makes the 12 degree temperature feel even colder. Having to walk to the train, bundled in a parka for your early morning commute is a chilling experience. Packing into a train car during rush hour with many other commuters in parkas becomes a sweaty experience. Spending extended amounts of time outside chaps your lips and drys out your skin. From November to April, the cold weather is the go-to small talk topic of conversation and everyone seems to be surprised by how cold it has become. No matter how formidable the freezing weather may seem, here are 5 ways to survive the formidable Chicago winter.

1. Download the Transit Stop app on your iPhone or Android. On the app, you can check what time your train or bus will arrive at your stop. This way you can leave your warm house with just enough time to make your ride, limiting the length of time you must spend waiting outside for your ride to come.


2. Find the warmest, fuzziest, coziest parka in your closet. Never let your parka out of your site from November to April. It will come in handy throughout the extremely long winter season.

3. Stock up on moisturizers and body scrubs. Nothings feels more like a Chicago winter than dry skin. Avoid the discomfort by stocking up on moisturizers and body butters. It’s also useful to use body scrubs during the winter to get rid of dead, dry skin. Being, a new beauty products company found at Ulta, makes body butters and body scrubs in 5 unique scents.

4. Purchase touchscreen gloves. You’ll still have to travel your normal commute during the winter. Grab a pair of touchscreen gloves so you can still use your phone while keeping your fingers warm and cozy in your gloves.

5. Collect the take-out menus of your favorite restaurants. The cold Chicago weather makes going out to eat much less appealing. Gather the take-out menus of your favorite spots, so you can still enjoy delicious meals. Just make sure to tip the delivery person. They had to deal with the cold because you didn't’t want to.

The winter time is a cold time for everyone, however it seems that it becomes a bit colder in Chicago. Follow these 5 tips to survive the winter in Chicago this year.

Header photo courtesy of CBS Chicago - CBS Local.