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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Ways

Andie Anderson is pretty much infamous amongst collegiettes for concocting the perfect plan to prove a point about the classic mistakes women make that drive men away from relationships. While real life isn’t quite like this chick flick, it certainly got us thinking about what makes DePaul guys lose interest almost instantly. Take this information as you will; whether you are intentionally trying to get rid of a creeper or don’t want to scare anyone away, we hope this helps!


1. “If she smokes cigarettes.” –junior Dominic Smith

2. “If I’m on a first date with a girl, and she doesn’t eat most–or any–of the dinner that I’m more than likely going to end up paying for. It demonstrates that not only is she probably not comfortable with eating in front of me (which is in itself, a huge turn-off), but also that she doesn’t really appreciate the fact that I bought her a meal.” –freshman Dane Hansen

3. “If she hates my friends.” –sophomore D.J. Diaz

4. “A girl who talks or acts really serious about the relationship really fast scares me away.” –freshman Julian Simpson-Kirsch

5. “If she’s flat chested and broke… save your money and get a boob job.” –Anonymous

6. “I don’t want anything to do with a girl who talks in a baby voice.” –freshman Alex Long

7. “If she creates more worry and anxiety for me than love and happiness.” –freshman Mike Varshavsky

8.  “I would say one of my biggest things is hygiene. When a girl doesn’t brush her teeth or shower regularly it’s a really big turn off. Breath is a big deal lol!” –freshman Nick Dailey-Arndt

9.  “If she does the duck face…I really don’t like that.” –senior Zach Ocon

10. “If she’s trashy or wears slutty clothes.” –freshman Tyler Betancourt 



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