How the Evolution of DIBS Would React to Being a Blue Demon in 2017

Our beloved Demon in a Blue Suit may be the most underappreciated mascot in the history of all time. That may be one of the most hyperbolic sentences of all time but the sentiment holds up. I am extremely proud to come to DePaul University and to get to call myself a Blue Demon. I’m not the only one in my family to have this prestigious title either. In just 2015, my cousin Kevin graduated. When dinosaurs roamed the Earth, my maternal grandfather also threw up the horns. Actually, probably not. It probably wasn’t invented yet and I could never imagine him loving DePaul with the extreme rigor that I have grown accustomed to. Well, I like to think of the mascot that my grandfather would recognize and how our collective DIBS could all relate to being a Blue Demon in 2017.

When your advisor is running 90 minutes late and blames you for only have 15 minutes to figure out how to graduate on time:

When the Greenpeace workers off of Fullerton can’t take a hint:

When you’re a freshman trying to get into Kelly’s on a Wednesday for the discount tacos and beer:

When Loyola students are going in and saying they’re the best city school:

When that one guy who hasn’t gotten the hint since freshman year finds you at a houseparty:

No respect to my main man, DIBS.

Well, a little disrespect. You can never compete with my one true love----