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Here’s Why You Need to Say No

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

A word so powerful. Something we use every single day, yet this word still keeps many people from feeling satisfied. “No,” means that we reject anything that comes our way. It can be used in many different forms: yelling, politely saying, mumbling, screaming, hand drawing, stop signing, NO. 


I found myself saying “yes,” too often. 


I thought that saying “yes” to things meant that I had it all, got it covered, was able, could manage, went beyond anyone else that just couldn’t handle it. Saying yes gave me opportunities that I would not have had and would not have been able to be proud of. 


Here’s the thing. Saying yes brought me so many great things, but it also brought me a ton of stress and mental distraught. Saying yes is a commitment and you have to fulfill that commitment. Saying yes meant that I was onboard for the long haul. 


At least in my mind it was. 

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Oh, the power of NO.  


You see, in my major, public relations and advertising, you are constantly being thrown new challenges, opportunities, and sometimes curveballs you didn’t even see coming. There will be times in my field that I might even feel forced to say yes to things because someone has to take care of them. With all of this saying yes to things, saying no can really turn things around—for better or worse. 


However, saying no allows me to place myself in a position of control. Especially when it comes to my wellbeing, saying no has given me a chance to breathe. Saying no to staying up an extra five hours to get an assignment done, saying no to a promotion in an organization, saying no to doing other people’s favors, saying no does not have to be a guilt-filled word.

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There is a breaking point and you need to protect yourself from it. Saying this two-letter word will give you the freedom you decide you need to ultimately thrive. Say no to BS drama, say no to that friend that never pays you back, say no to those who never pull through. You and others around you will thank you for it. 


Why? You may ask. Well, by saying no, you’re not necessarily letting go. People who are mature enough will understand. We are human—say NO. 


NO. NO. NO. (Please).


Natalie is currently a junior studying Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Spanish and Event Planning. She is an avid beauty, interiors, and lifestyle enthusiast. When she's not doing yoga or obsessing over her golden retriever pup, you'll find her writing in the SAC, library, at the Stu, and basically, anywhere she can get good wifi connection at DePaul.