Her Campus Back-To-School Survival Kit

Photo Courtesy of HC Pepperdine

Our sponsors were giving us all of the tools to #treatyoself this Fall Quarter! They were all about keeping our beauty game strong by spoiling us with Rimmel London products and Juicy Couture samples. It's hard to not look on point when you have a killer wing with Rimmel London liquid eyeliner and a bold red lip. And if you're doing your makeup while waiting for the el like us, this mascara is a must-have as it's curling! And the disposable samples of perfume from Juicy Couture sure are handy to have in your bag to refresh before a date, your internship, or just your day to day.

Further, our sponsors are in tune with how rough it is to be a female in college and took major care of us. Our sponsors at Wearsafe provided us (and our parents!) with peace of mind with Wearsafe tags allow you to signal your network if you're in trouble. With all of the incidents happening on our campus recently and Chicago always, you can never be too careful!

Also, when that time of the month rolls around, you deserve to take time for yourself with these face masks that make you feel like an instagram model. These masks may have been sent to us, but they are college-budget friendly! Stop by the Walgreens down Fullerton to grab a few yourself to spare yourself the next stress-induced break out from exams. And you can never go wrong with a Diva Cup. Do you want to save the environment? Do you want to never be unprepared? Me too.

Our sponsors also reminded us to take time for ourselves! Our mental and physical health is so important during this stressful time of life, but so many college students neglect what their bodies are telling them until it is too late. For these reasons, they gave us some books, waterbottles, and monistat cream to keep us on fleek. The Roommate Book by Becky Simpson is a fun book with tips and tricks from dealing with your family, best friends, and strangers! Or people who were strangers who became your best friends and are going to practically be family in a week. From Sarah Andersen, we got Adulthood is a Myth. You'd recognize her doodles from the internet and are gleeful comics you'll love to look at when you're having a hard day.

Remember to #takecaredepaul, this and every week! We may be getting to the hardest part of the quarter, but we can also take the time to make it a great one.