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The Five Best and Five Worst Celebrity Reactions to Quarantine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

Spending so much time inside Social Distancing has led me to an obvious and intense time on social media. As you may have noticed, certain celebrities have sat in the hot seat recently. Their every move in quarantine is analyzed since we are all bored with our own quarantines. I think it is impossible for celebrities who choose to ignore “our” situation to remain doing so. The following is a list of the five best and five worst reactions to quarantine. Some of these reactions have had me lose or gain respect for influencers. None of these are in any particular order, but here they are:


Ashley Tisdale: I have always followed Ashley Tisdale. From a young age, I believed that I was/am Sharpay Evans. I will say that she (both Ashley and Sharpay) has really stepped up her game since quarantine. She has been sending positive messages on her accounts, providing ways for self-care like yoga, small-space approved exercise, and other things that can be done at home. She has also been posting some funny music videos to old music. My favorite of her most recent posts is an unedited, unflexed, body positive photo, explaining her journey through quarantine with gaining weight and loving herself.

Chrissy Teigen: I used to hate Chrissy Teigen, and I really can’t remember any good reason why I hated her. I have gained so much respect for her, as most of Twitter has. She recently has become even more relatable, as she has been sharing recipes to do at home and tweeting fans who send in pictures. She also continues to drag Trump, which is my favorite part about her tweets. She is honest and real and stands up for what she believes in.

John Krasinki: Many people have seen that John Krasinki started a new web show @somegoodnews. Here he shares some good news with the world, as many of us have fallen into the routine of reading too much in the bad news. It’s okay if it surrounds us constantly, but there’s always some good news. I really appreciate John Krasinki’s effort. Not only is his web show innately creative, but it is a way to help people remain positive. He isn’t showing some at-home workout, or shoving some deal down our throats. It shows that he truly cares. 

Kristen Bell: Kristin Bell is another social justice queen, and that has not changed with quarantine. My favorite thing about her is how she highlights people around the country who are accomplishing great things. She takes the focus of her social media away from herself and focuses on her community. She promotes a lot of non-profit organizations as well. She also has been posting many uplifting quotes to remain positive in this troubling time.

Jennifer Garner: I never really had an opinion about Jennifer Garner. She was never my favorite, but I didn’t dislike her. During quarantine she has been consistently so relevant. She remains wholesome and charismatic, collaborating with other celebrities and starting @savewithstories. They attempt to read to and teach children in these troubling times. She also recently posted a video honoring the Class of 2020. She shares her ups and downs through cooking various recipes in her kitchen, and being honest with her audience.

Now we get a list of the worst celebrities. Brace yourself.

Kim Kardashian: I have always hated the Kardashians.They rip off black culture constantly and are extremely unrelatable. As you may have heard, Kim Kardashian recently thought it would be a good idea to promote her friend’s company. They feature a “disaster kit,” which can range anywhere from $60 t0 $250 each. They include various items like masks, phone chargers, food, etc. BUT she is attempting to capitalise off of a pandemic. Kim Kardashian is far from needing the money, and instead of helping those in need, she promotes a kit for an outrageous amount of money. Not only that, but in the box there are things that medical professionals in hospitals are lacking. Why not donate these kits, Kim K?

Vanessa Hudgens: I saw a tweet a couple weeks ago, “Who knew the first celebrity death of the pandemic would have been Vanessa Hudgens’s career?” Yeah… she blew it. She posted a video of herself on Instagram explaining that people are going to die, and that death is inevitable. It sparked outrage everywhere. She expressed her feelings so insensitively. We cannot just sit around and wait for death.

Kylie Jenner: Another member of the Kardashian-Jenner who did not fail to be completely unrelatable. She and her best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, have been caught breaking social distancing rules multiple times. Kylie went to visit her, and she visited Kylie (as per their new TikToks together). I cannot believe that billionaires have such major issues with staying inside. I get that we all have mental health issues going on right now, but she has access to resources at the tip of her finger. 

Sam Smith: I used to like Sam Smith. I thought he was honest and had great musical talent. A little while back, he posted photos in front of his mansion explaining he was having a quarantine breakdown. How much more unrelatable can a person be? He has a mansion with a large swimming pool, a home gym, and he lives in a warm climate. Many of us are stuck inside tiny apartments with no exercise equipment. There is deadly pandemic spreading all over the world, but you keep fake crying in front of your mansion and getting millions of likes.

Elon Musk: I feel like the reputation of Elon Musk has really declined since the start of quarantine. I recently browsed through his twitter, and he became annoying rather quickly. He tweets constantly about “freeing” America, and how forced isolation is bad for us. He also shared a link about how hospitals get paid more if a patient is listed as COVID-19. I think he has completely missed the point. He does not reassure the public and is basically promoting breaking quarantine all together. Twitter took to dragging him, asking him to remember how he is only a millionaire, not a medical genius.

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