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It’s the month of love! With Valentine’s Day placed right in the middle of this wonderful month, we decided to write this month’s horoscopes all about love! Those of you who are single are probably groaning when you read that, but stick with us. For each sign, there is a section for those of you in a relationship and those who are single. No one is left out this month – we promise!



March 21-April 19


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: Love is in the air, and you are ready for that special date night. No matter how big or small you have your date planned, you know every detail of the evening. Keep in mind that there’s another person in this relationship, and they have their own idea of what the date should be. Try to be flexible when you’re making your Valentine’s Day plans.


February Horoscope for Singles: You’re normally very secure being single, but this month can bring out your jealous streak as you watch happy couples everywhere. It can be hard for an Aries to turn that part of their brain off, but remember that you are still thriving being single and just because the couples are out in full force doesn’t take that away from you.



April 20-May 20


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: You are usually a pretty level-headed person on the outside, but you’re incredibly mushy-gushy on the inside. Let that show this Valentine’s Day with your significant other by picking them up some flowers or chocolates and spreading the love with that special someone.


February Horoscope for Singles: You aren’t like many single people – you’re doing just fine without someone on your shoulder. But good things come when you aren’t looking, so be ready to say yes to that invitation to hang out on (or around) the 14th and keep your mind open to the possibilities of a new flame starting up!



May 21-June 20


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: You and your honey have had a bit of a rough patch through the new year. That’s totally normal! Things are going to turn around during the big love month, and you will be back on track to your normal happy selves. Take the opportunity this V-day to show some much-needed affection.


February Horoscope for Singles: Delete the tinder app right now, Gemini. You might be ready for cuffing season but you aren’t meant to be in a relationship. Take yourself on a date, or go out with some friends on the 14th to get over the loneliness and remind yourself that you’re doing great on your own.



June 21-July 22


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: Cancers are some of the biggest romantics we know, and you fall under this category! Despite this, your nurturing and caring ways have allowed you and your partner to become best friends. This is an amazing quality to have, but some of the passion might be lacking from your relationship because of how close you two have become. Take the romantic holiday to lock yourselves in, light some candles and slow dance to your favorite love song playlist on Spotify.


February Horoscope for Singles: Love is in the air. Sadly, you aren’t exactly breathing that air, and it’s starting to get to you! You are one of the most romantic signs and not having someone around this time of year can be hard. Don’t worry though, you’re doing great on your own. Spend a date night with yourself with your favorite rom-com, a bowl of popcorn, and a nice facemask. You earned this time by yourself!



July 23-August 22


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: You are passionate in everything that you do, and that includes your relationship. You deserve to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter what you do. Take this day to have a mini adventure in the city with your partner, try a new restaurant, or have a little photo shoot together and make a sappy Instagram post.


February Horoscope for Singles: You are fierce, loving, and creative – you’re an absolute catch and you can’t figure out WHY you’re single! But guess what, you aren’t going to be that way for too much longer. Hop on tinder and swipe right, or make the jump to talk to that cutie you sit next to in your class. You never know what might come from it, but it’s always best to keep an open mind (and heart) when it comes to love.



August 23-September 22


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: We know that on the inside you are wanting just a little something for Valentine’s Day, Virgo. Do your partner a favor and let them know that you just want to feel loved, and make them feel loved in return. It’s only going to haunt you if you don’t let them know.


February Horoscope for Singles: You’re single this Valentine’s Day for a reason, Virgo. Whether it was a personal choice or just how the cards were drawn, you are now single. Regardless of how you got here, you’re doing wonderful on your own. While you might be getting a lot of pressure to find someone this time of year, don’t allow it to get to you. You know that you are doing fine and that is all that really matters!



September 23-October 22


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: You are ruled by Venus, Libra, so that means you are a hopeless romantic. You can also be a bit spoiled – a huge downfall. This Valentine’s Day, try not to put a lot of weight on having the “best date.” Sure, the fancy dinner and chocolates are nice, but the love that you share with your partner is what this entire day is supposed to be about. Focus on that.


February Horoscope for Singles: You’re pretty secure in your relationship status, but as you watch the happy couples this month that jealous streak might start to show its ugly head. Your happiness doesn’t depend on whether or not you have a relationship though, Libra. You are strong and independent. Take the 14th to remind yourself of your own worth and maybe spoil yourself to a box of chocolates to make you a little happier.



October 23-November 21


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: You are not always known as the most romantic sign, and you’re probably approaching Valentine’s Day with an eye roll. Keep your partner in mind, though, and use this time of the year to show that special person how much you love them. You don’t always have to play it cool when it comes to your feelings, Scorpio.


February Horoscope for Singles: Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy. It can be everywhere this month, especially for a Scorpio. It can be hard to be single this time of year, especially since your ex has been posting more and more pictures of their new beau on social media (yeah, we know you’ve been looking). Keep yourself and your mental health in mind this month. Don’t get swept up in the fact that your single – celebrate it! Spend the 14th with your other single friends and enjoy the company.



November 22-December 21


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: Keep on the lookout Sagittarius, your partner probably has some fun Valentine’s Day plans in store for you. Grab your planner right now and make a note of the big day – this is NOT something you want to forget. Also grab a little something that will make their Valentine’s better too, this can’t be a one-sided endeavor.


February Horoscope for Singles: You haven’t been struggling with the idea of being single, but that hasn’t stopped you from flirting your way through Chicago. You’re lucky this Valentine’s Day because you get to pull out your favorite dating app and take on the town with whatever cutie you can find. Don’t let anyone shame you for having fun as a single person in the city!



December 22-January 19


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: Your partner might be wanting to have a romantic dinner that feels more grown up than anything else, but we all know that won’t make you nearly as happy. Go ahead and tell them to ditch the reservations and spend that money on grocery store chocolates and have an adventure that you will remember for years to come. It will mean more to both of you.


February Horoscope for Singles: You have been too wrapped up in the quarter to even realize that the season of love is right around the quarter. You are too focused on your own success to care about whether or not you have a date for Valentine’s Day, and you should definitely keep it that way. Put yourself first this month and keep focusing on your own growth, Capricorn.



January 20-February 18


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: Valentine’s Day hasn’t exactly been a big deal for you, Aquarius. While you have a lot of love in your heart, you don’t necessarily see the point of going over the top on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, your partner knows this about you and they aren’t going to be upset if you decide to spend a quiet night inside with them!


February Horoscope for Singles: You are just a free spirit, so you don’t see a reason to be in a relationship. You are doing well on your own, and you have a great friend group who will support you when you need it. Love isn’t in the stars for you right now, so keep your focus on your mental health and your school work. You got this, single Aquarius!



February 19-March 20


February Horoscope for Those in a Relationship: You are romantic and in love and you want to scream it to the world. Find your nicest outfit, make romantic plans, and spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Some people don’t like the traditional V-Day plans, but this holiday was basically created for you! Just make sure your partner is okay with the sappy Instagram post before you hit send.


February Horoscope for Singles: It’s hard being a single romantic. You have enough rom-com-inspired-fantasies in your head that it’s starting to really get to you this month. You need a friend’s night with your besties stat. Don’t allow the happy couples and the media’s push for falling in love get you down this month!

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