Emily Hoey, Class of 2019

I recently interviewed Emily Hoey, Spirit Squad Coordinator for Blue Demon Week, to talk about the festivities. 

The Basics

Name: Emily Hoey

Hometown: Sagamore Hills, OH

Major: Elementary Education

The Fun Stuff

Color you would wear every day?

Pink is my power color!



Person you would switch lives with for a day?

Michelle Obama is who I publicly say is my hero, but low-key, I kind of would love to be Demi Lovato. HOWEVER, Jimmy Fallon is my boy and I think I could rock The Tonight Show.

Secret talent?

Oh no, I like to say that I am vastly untalented. But one time I got out of an APUSH final because I could sing all of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” from memory so... is that a talent?

Top bucket list item?

I really want to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and also participate in Teach for America.

Blue Demon Week

What is your role in planning Blue Demon Week? How did you get involved?

I am the Spirit Squad Coordinator and honestly it is such a perfect role for me. It is all about building a little army of students who are super excited to bring some school spirit to DePaul! My friend, Andrew, is the chair of the committee, and he reached out to me when we were looking to form our first ever student committee for BDW, because if you need someone to stand behind a table and smile and attract attention for the sake of school pride, I’m your girl.



What are your responsibilities as Spirit Squad Coordinator?

I coordinate with other members of our committee and our partners on campus in order to fill their volunteer needs. Then I reach out to those who have shown adequate school spirit and have made the cut for my Spirit Squad and make it a point to place them in events for which they’ll be useful. I send a lot of emails and correspond with a lot of people. It’s really a lot of fun.

What has been your favorite part about planning BDW?

Oh, the people! One reason this role is so great for me is because I get to exercise those social muscles. Reaching out to people who may not have otherwise heard of DePaul’s homecoming week but may have been on the prom committee in high school or are just looking for a way to get involved in an ultra positive way is such a gift. Connecting people with opportunities is truly my passion, and I’m happy to have been a part of a tremendous group that is helping me give back to the Blue Demon community!

What event have you enjoyed the most?

So I guess it’s not really an event, but my Spirit Squad all came out to decorate the Student Center last week, and it was amazing! There was so much uplifting energy, and putting faces to all the names I’ve seen pop up on my phone for weeks was awesome. I love any interaction with people who just have that itch to do more and give back. It is beyond rewarding. Plus, the Stu looks awesome!

What events are still left to come for the rest of the week?

Check out our various calendars all around campus! We have a plethora of things going on through the weekend including the Blue Demon Dance on Saturday night and of course all the basketball games! Head out to those and you’ll REALLY feel the Blue Demon spirit!