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Elective Courses You Didn’t Know Existed

Autumn 2017 registration is open, and you have the entire summer to analyze your upcoming schedule. If you’re lucky enough to have some open electives, consider taking some of my favorite ones. 

HSP 333-International Wine Education and Management 

Drinking wine during class is a no brainer. I have not taken this course because I am still not 21, but you better believe I am registered for Autumn 2017 when I will finally be of age. I have heard amazing things about this class from the professor to the assignments to the actual class lecture. The only downside is that it’s offered as a night class, but I guess it would be weird to take a wine tasting class it at 10:10 am. 

ANT 104-Intro to Biological Archaeology 

Have you ever seen Bones? Have you ever wanted to be the people in the show Bones? Those are Biological Anthropologists, and their jobs are super cool. This course covers human evolution and the basics of biological archaeology. If you’re a history fan and secretly want to be a detective, i.e. me, then this class is for you.

SOC 102-Intro to Criminology 

If you’re not so much into science but still relate to the previous description, Intro to Criminology might be for you. What could be more fun than pretending to be on CSI Miami twice a week for an hour and a half? 

MCS 379-Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino 

This is a course dedicated to watching and discussing Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino movies. Digital Cinema courses are great elective classes because a majority of class time is spent watching movies and TV shows. An elective class should be enjoyable and chill, and watching Django Unchained is way cooler than whatever Health Sciences class you thought sounded interesting.

Special Topics

Every quarter, a Special Topics course is offered to introduce new course ideas, so always check out the Special Topics course offered for each subject. For example, during Winter 2017, the marketing special topics course was Social Media. The class went well, and now Social Media Marketing is a marketing course offered in the Winter and Spring. I’m currently taking the Hospitality Leadership Special Topics course which just so happens to be wedding planning. That’s right, I’m currently planning a make believe wedding for one of my classes. It’s so fun and super chill. Always check out the special topics course for your favorite subject come registration, they’re usually numbered as 398. 

I’ve always believed elective courses should be enjoyable and as least strenuous as possible. These are a few of my top picks for a fun break from your normal course schedule. 

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