Checking off California on My Bucket List

Just a few days ago, I was able to do something that I would have never thought I would have done in years. Can you guess what it was from the title above? If you guessed “traveled to California” as your answer, then yes, you are correct! I am a traveler at heart, is that how you say it? I honestly don’t know, but the thought of getting to know new places is fascinating to me. But I did not go alone on this 4-day trip. Oh no. I went with two of my close friends (if you are reading this article, shout out to you guys). Anyways, I want to take the time to tell you guys a bit of how my trip went and some tips that I hope can help you, my lovelies, in case you guys decide to travel soon too. So let’s begin…

After our plane traveled from O’Hare to LAX airport, we pre-planned to rent a car a few months ago. Let me tell you, it was a hassle getting it. Too many fees and too many rules. My girls and I decided to cancel everything and wish for the best. I knew that there had to be a cheaper and more efficient way to get around California. 

TIP #1:

TURO. No, I am not sponsoring them, but Turo is a car rental app where local people rent out their cars. It’s very easy to navigate and search around for the perfect rental car. To be honest, the only issue was picking the right car, since there was just too many to choose from. But since there are so many, and if you have a budget (me), I can say you will find one. We ended up getting a neon Jeep 2018, which was so cool! 

The next day was Disney day for us! Personally, it was my first time seeing Disneyland. Entering the the amusement park, I felt like I was transporting back to my childhood. I was able to meet Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger, let me tell you, Tigger suffocated me with his tight hug. HAHA, but I enjoyed the hug very much. My group and I stayed there for the majority of the day and in the end went to the gift shops to get gifts for the family back home.

TIP #2:

Don’t buy what you see right away! Let's just say I saw lots of cute stuff and tried my hardest not to pull my debit card out of my wallet. Don’t do it, take some time to look around, and make sure the prices are in your range. I would say take a look in the main gift shop that is looked at the entrance of Disneyland. There was so many things to see. They had things ranging from cups and key chains to sweaters and other clothing.  

The third day came upon us, and it was our beach day. We decided to go to Santa Monica Beach and Pier, they were both as beautiful. I would have hoped to have stayed longer to see the sunset, but it was a chilly day so we leave early. We took many photos and videos of each other and our surroundings. The beach was very peaceful and clean. I would definitely go back on a warmer day to Santa Monica, and we had plans to go down to Venice Beach, but we sadly ran out of time. So, hopefully it’s a plan that comes true next year.

TIP 3:

Make personal check lists. Let me just say that I had like 7 different luggage/bag lists before the trip, and during the trip. Make sure to remember sunscreen, and also don’t forget your sunglasses! Even though the day we went was a bit chilly, it was very much sunny!

The last full day we had at California was spent at a place called Descanso Gardens. I came upon it on Pinterest during my time of researching. I am a person who loves nature, and it was the perfect setting to take cute pictures. Descanso Garden is a big park, and they have their park divided into sections according to their nature theme. There was a Japanese garden theme, rose garden, lilac, oakland and so on, It was so beautiful that it even made me think of moving there.

TIP 4:

Don’t just stick to the city and common-well known attractions; there’s so much to see in California! If you research and seek the secret attractions that California can offer to you, you will find them.

The best part of this trip was the Airbnb we were staying at. We were surrounded by mountains and so much greenery. I was insanely obsessed with it. The place also had a balcony where I spent most of my mornings at. Just taking in the noises that were coming from the wind and wildlife was an experience.

Even though my group and I did not go to the most popular attractions of California, we still had an amazing and unforgettable time. It turned out great for it being our first girls' trip, we hope to go back next year! 

(going to have to start collecting my pennies).

Till next time, my lovelies!

“Open up your heart and eyes to the unknown of this world”