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Celebrate Service with DePaul Food for Freedom

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

The last day of classes is approaching rapidly. With this last day comes the stress of finals and the promise of summer. A good way to kick off our much-anticipated summer break is to attend Celebration of Service, an exciting event hosted by the on campus organization called Food For Freedom on the Quad on June 3rd.

A current DePaul sophomore named Danny Loomans founded Food For Freedom. The organization was something he initially started at his high school in his home state of Wisconsin. Upon starting at DePaul, he strived to bring over the same initiative to the city of Chicago. The goal of the organization is to educate people about food insecurity and the surprisingly common condition of being deprived of adequate and nutritious food.  Alongside this goal comes the task of educating audiences about sustainability and the promotion of healthy food options to all members of the community.  

DePaul Food for Freedom’s Logo.  Photo Credit to Wheaton College

To achieve these goals, Food For Freedom is hosting Celebration of Service. The event will feature DePaul organizations with similar goals and outside community service groups to highlight their accomplishments. The focus is on the services that these groups willingly provide. Organizations in attendance include DePaul USA, Lincoln Park Community Shelter, Ronald McDonald House and Young Life Chicago.  A team member from Food For Freedom informed me that these organizations are hungry to hand out internships and other service work opportunities (let’s get that junior year experiential learning requirement covered!) and to make connections with DePaul students.


But let’s not forgot the other exciting part of the event: the food! On site will be a food collection point where a food drive will be held. Shipments of donated food will arrive and students are encouraged to bring a can and contribute! Celebration of Service is held during prime lunch time hours (2:00pm-5:30pm) so they’ll make sure you’ll be fed too! There will be free food, ice cream and live entertainment from Matthew Garvin and Beach Bunny. While you’re there make sure to also participate in some backyard games that will be set up on the Quad. I told you this was a summer kick off!

You don’t have to be a member of Food For Freedom or even think about joining the club to enter the event and enjoy the festivities. These organizations want to celebrate their hard work and they want everyone to celebrate with them.

Details on how to register for the event. 

Once again, Celebration of Service will be held on the Quad from 2:00-5:30pm and the whole student body is more than welcome to stop by. The entire Food For Freedom team is pumped and anxious to see your smiling faces on Friday!

Public Relations and Advertising student at DePaul University