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8 Summer Festival Essentials


Whether you’re going to Lollapalooza (that is, if you managed to score the coveted, sold out three-day passes), camping it out at Bonnaroo, or attending some local outdoor concerts like Summerfest, you’ll need a few things to beat the summer heat while enjoying yourself at any of these summer festivities. Here are the must-haves that will keep you fashionable during the festival season:


1. Floppy hat– Protect yourself from the sun with a cute floppy hat, the perfect way to look cute while shading yourself from some harmful rays.

2. Wellies– If any of you attended Lollapalooza last year then you know why this essential is on the list. Rain boots are good to have on hand when that unpredictable Chicago weather occurs.

3. Colorful crossbody– Keep all your essentials together in this bright and fun shoulder-free bag.

4. Fun shades– Show off your stylish sunnies to all your friends. Ray-Ban aviators are always a good option.

5. Bikini– Having a swimsuit on hand for music festivals is always a good idea, whether you wear it under your clothes or throw it in your crossbody.

6. H2O– Stay hydrated in style with a reusable water bottle like the Camelback or another eco-friendly alternative.

7. Waterproof makeup– Prevent sweating all your makeup off in seconds with your favorite waterproof cosmetics.

8. Portable phone charger– To keep up with your social media and call/text/Snapchat all your friends, bring a portable phone charger. Being outdoors, you will have no access to outlets of any sort.


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