6 Things You NEED in Your Fall Wardrobe

Fuzzy Jacket

A fuzzy jacket in Chicago is an ultimate must for those cool fall nights or those early morning classes where you don’t want to leave your bed. Not only does it feel like you are wearing a blanket, it is the perfect coat to layer on top of a cute turtle neck. Bundle up in a bunch of different lengths and colors of pure fuzziness. 

Hunter Rain Boots or a Winter Shoe

As we grow up, I feel as if we never have proper winter shoes. Throwing on sneakers has become the norm, but when there’s 2 feet of snow outside, those white Air Force One’s do not work. Hunters or Docs are the perfect fashion forward boot to step out in. Not only do they protect your feet, but they provide you with warmth.




The perfect layering piece. Wear it under your jean jacket, on its own with some high waisted mom jeans, or in an oversized style with booties. Go for the solid black look to look like a boss woman or try the cheetah printed turtle neck for a funky 90s look. 

Dark Florals

Don’t let go of summer just yet. The easiest way to transition in between seasons is by incorporating similar styles throughout the year. Switch those pastel prints for some darker tones. Stand out while blending in. 

Corduroy Pants

Switch up the plain jeans for a textured pant. Cuffing them and pairing them with a chunky sneaker adds to the aesthetic. They range in color from deep maroons, cremes, to pastel blues. 

Scrunchies (or other hair accessories) 

Scrunchies! Are! Still! Around! And better than ever! Whenever you feel like your outfit is bland, add a scrunchie. Wearing it on your wrist is also the perfect accessory and can add a lot to a stack of bracelets. My personal favorites are the skinny scrunchies to add a little sass to a half up half down look.